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Kill Team to New 40K

The new edition of Warhammer 40,000 is on the way and to prepare for it, we've put together 3 guides looking at each of the New 40K Featured Factions. Each guide will show you how to prepare for your new army, starting with a small force for the 40K skirmish game, Kill Team. We'll show you how to create a force for use in Kill Team games, which you can then expand into full armies for the new edition when it's released.

So if you've always wanted to play Warhammer 40K, this new edition is your chance to start, or if you just want to start a new army, or you simply want to know how to get into Kill Team, then these guides are for you.

Firestorm Games
You can buy all the Kill Team Products from our Tabletop Sponsor, Firestorm Games.

We've got a full guide to all Kill Team products, and this guide supplements that. We'll repeat a little bit, with some information on what you need to play Kill Team, but for more detailed information on all the products, check out our full guide here.

New 40K has 3 Featured Factions, and we're going to finish this series with the enemy of the Imperial forces in Warhammer 40,000 force, the Necrons.

Necron Kill Team

What Do You Need To Play Kill Team

Before you build your Kill Team force, you'll need some Kill Team Essentials. The minimum required to play is:

Kill Team Essentials

You will also hear about some other Kill Team products, and these aren't essential for getting in to Kill Team but can be purchased to expand your games if you want, but for the purposes of building up a Kill Team force for entry into 40K later, all you need is the above essentials.

If you want an easy way into Kill Team, there is a starter set available that comes with the rulebook, dice, a measuring stick, a Kill Team board, scenery, 2 factions (Tau and Adeptus Astartes) along with tactics cards and tokens. It is a very reasonable cost to get you gaming straight away.

Kill Team Essentials

Necron Kill Teams

The Necrons are a race of aliens that put their consciousness into metal bodies. Necrons are slow, but relentless, easy to bring down, but can get back up and they have access to some very nasty weaponry.

If you want to play competitive Kill Team, which we'll cover that in later articles, you won't need anything more than you're buying for a beginner. We'll only be looking at Kill Team units from the Core Rulebook and Annual and won't be including any other supplements.

Necron Units

All but one of the Necron units are limited in their equipment, coming with fixed armaments. Their weaponry is pretty good but it doesn't give a lot of variation in list building. All Necrons have access to Reanimation Protocols, which decreases the chance of them being taken out of action and removes all flesh wounds if they have any on a roll of a 6 during an injury roll. It means that any multi-damage weapons have a higher chance of healing them than damaging them. They all have a below-average movement but will be able to field more troops than some kill teams.

Necrons Units
  • Necron Warrior - The line troop of the Necrons. Slow, but armed with a weapon that's good at taking out other line troops, will stick around thanks to the Reanimation Protocols.
  • Immortal - A slightly upgraded Necron Warrior with a better save. They have 2 weapon choices, the Gauss Blaster with good armor-piercing, or the Tesla Carbine that has a higher rate of fire at range and can cause multiple wounds.
  • Deathmark - They have the same stats as an Immortal, but a better-ranged weapon and are 1 point cheaper. Their weapon has no AP though so can suffer at taking out targets1
  • Flayed One - Cheap melee troops. They don't have the best stats, and their 5 movement does make them slow, but once in combat, they have 3 attacks and can re-roll failed wound rolls. They have low strength, but being able to reroll is fairly powerful, especially if swarming them into enemies.

What to buy

You can build a Necrons Kill Team with only 3 boxes, which would give you access to all of their possible options. You can get away with 2 boxes, Warriors, and Flayed Ones, but having the 3 boxes really gives you extra punch.

Necrons Kill Team

Beginner Necron Lists

Using only 2 boxes the Necron Warriors and Flayed Ones, a beginner Kill Team list:

  • Necron Warrior (Leader)
  • Necron Warrior (Comms)
  • Necron Warrior
  • Necron Warrior
  • Necron Warrior
  • Flayed One (Combat)
  • Flayed One (Zealot)
  • Flayed One
  • Flayed One

With the Immortals box as well, you could use this list as a beginner Kill Team list:

  • Immortal - Tesla Caribe (Leader)
  • Immortal - Gauss Blaster (Comms)
  • Necron Warrior
  • Necron Warrior
  • Flayed One (Combat)
  • Flayed One (Zealot)
  • Flayed One
  • Flayed One

Kill Team forces are built from a command roster of 20, usually around scenarios and knowing your opponent's faction, so these lists aren't optimized Necrons lists, but they will give you a feel for how their kill teams work and a great base to build up your future Warhammer 40,000 force from.

New 40K Logo

We're going to follow up this article will a specialized optimized Kill Team guide and when the next edition of Warhammer 40,000 is released, a guide to taking this force of Necrons, into the new edition of 40K.

The Necrons and Kill Team products used to produce this guide were provided by Firestorm Games.

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