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Marvel Crisis Protocol Asgardians

The Asgardians, the race of superhuman beings worshiped as gods by early Northern European cultures are a playable team affiliation within Marvel Crisis Protocol. Their members are well known to have mixed allegiances and motivations, so do they work well together as a team? In this article we'll look at each of the Asgardians, and how they work together.

Marvel Crisis Protocol Asgardians.


If you take Thor as leader of the Asgardians, he brings their affiliation ability, which lets an allied character remove a condition or a wound for one power once per turn. This gives the team a solid amount of survivability and the ability to negate control conditions and is further buffed by all six Asgardians getting a bonus power each turn with their Asgardian superpower.

Marvel Crisis Protocol Asgardians.


Thor is a very straightforward beat piece. He’s got a range two, six dice physical attack to build up power, and a range five, five dice physical attack that costs one power and automatically dishes out the shocked condition. His power ability costs six power, for an area effect seven dice attack. Six power is a lot, so it might not see much use over his For Asgard! power which costs three, and lets Thor move and attack once per turn and gives the stagger condition if at least one damage is dealt.

Marvel Crisis Protocol Asgardians.


Valkyrie is a very effective fighter. She has a basic range two, five dice attack for power building, and a range two, seven dice attack for three power that gives bleed and can make a follow-up strike attack with a wild. She has a two power move and attack superpower to help get her into the thick of the fighting and she can change a hit to a crit or wild for two power if she pays it before making the roll.

Marvel Crisis Protocol Asgardians.


Loki, as you would expect, is a bit trickier to play than the Thor/Valk beat sticks. He does have a Frost Blast four dice bean attack and a nifty, if slightly unreliable Illusions attack that rolls six dice and lets Loki advance after the attack, damaging all other characters within range two. For two power, Loki can use his I am a God! superpower that lets him add blanks to successes to an attack or defense roll. But his best powers are his God of Mischief innate which means that any enemies within range four have to spend a power before using any active or reactive superpowers, and Trickster, which for three power, lets Loki move S to escape an attack. If Loki flips to his injured side, his God of Mischief superpower upgrades to also stopping crit results rolling additional dice for characters within range four.

Marvel Crisis Protocol Asgardians.


Hela is built around a captured souls mechanic, where she gains tokens through her Claim Soul, range four two power attack, and also if any characters are dazed or KO’d. She can spend captured souls tokens to add dice to attacks, and also give the bleed condition if a captured soul token is used. On her injured side, her Queen of Hel superpower unlocks, which lets her spend three captured soul tokens to remove all damage and stop her from being KO’d. She can also blast enemies from a distance with her range three, seven dice attack for four power, that stops characters using wilds as successes in defense if they have the bleed condition, and for her own wild, can make the attack a two range blast attack on the target.

Marvel Crisis Protocol Asgardians.



Angela is an incredibly mobile, very effective damage dealer. Her threat is the same as Thors, and for good reason. Her basic attack is a range two, six dice attack, that moves her within two of the target after the attack, and she also has a one power, range four, five dice attack that lets her move S towards the target before damage. Her power attack is a range three, four dice attack for three power, that adds dice equal to the target’s size. If you roll two crits and a wild, you can do the attack again, so going for high dice against big targets to ensure the double hit is always a good choice. If Angela dazes or KO’s an enemy, she can spend two power to move S and make a free attack, and her ribbons, which her miniature balances on, stops enemy movement tools overlapping her base, and also stops enemies rerolling or changing attack dice when targeting her. She also has movement L, to ensure she’s always to get into the thick of the action.

Marvel Crisis Protocol Asgardians.


Enchantress is a great control character that works well with the Asgardian beaters. Her power builder attack can be used to steal power from its target, and her three power, seven dice enthrall attack can be used to give targets Slow, Stun or Stagger depending on how many wilds are rolled. She can steal mission tokens from nearby enemies, and also move nearby enemies in a direction of her choice, and to keep her safe, she can always use her five dice mystic defense unless the character targeting her pays two power. 

Marvel Crisis Protocol Asgardians.

Asgardian Tactics

If you take all six of the Asgardians, then you get a solid mix of beaters (Thor, Valkyrie, and Angela), along with Loki and Enchantress who are good control pieces, who work well with the beaters, and Hela, who is difficult to take out. Your game plan will be pretty obvious to your opponent, you’re going to be rushing forward with your three attackers, and using the other three to control, manipulate and go for objectives, which is what makes them great to play. They’re straightforward and powerful, and while they’re all pretty pricey threat wise, it does give you some flex on who else to add in to your roster to help them out.

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