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Following on from our initial Godtear Guide, we’re going to look at each Godtear Champion in groups of champion types. This Godtear Guardian Champions Guide will focus on Godtear Guardian Champions and will be updated as each Champion is released into retail.

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Godtear Guardian Champions Guide

Who are the Guardians? 

Guardians tend to be defensive champions with high wounds or defense or healing abilities. They gain an additional slide on the track if their banner is still planted during the end phase, so keeping their banner alive once planted is their goal.

Godtear - Finvarr


Finvarr has a great dodge and healing ability on attack and has a powerful banner protection ultimate.

Finvarr’s Ultimate let him move any number of friendly banners within 4 hexes to any other objective hexes within 4. This means that banners planted in the plot phase can disperse to avoid enemies taking them out, making it difficult for your opponent to plan positioning. Finvarr’s passive gives him +2 accuracy dice if he is on an objective hex, making him more deadly when defending banners.

Finvarr has 3 followers, the Shadow Sentinels. They can give an armor boon within 1 hex and a slow blight if Shadow Snare hits during the plot phase. They can boost their own accuracy and during the clash phase. In addition, if their attack knocks out an enemy, they can recruit if they are down a team member. They also have a passive, which lets them move 1 hex if they don’t move during their turn. They’re solid for keeping up pressure on enemies who get too close to banner’s that Finvarr is trying to protect, but lack any serious threat.

Finvarr has 2 plot and 3 clash movement and can give a movement boon to himself in the plot phase. Which is great for repositioning, but useless for first turn banner planting. If he gives himself a boon and then moves, he can’t plant, if he moves 2, he can rarely reach to plant, so getting him an early speed boon from another source is essential to gaining early traction in-game. 3 clash phase movement is helpful for some speedy positioning in prior to using his ultimate to slingshot banners into a better-protected position. In the clash phase, Finvarr has an attack that heals 1 of his wounds if it hits and a skill that lets him move a banner within 2 to an adjacent hex.

Finvarr is very accurate and has some great options in terms of banner movement for protection, he does need to be combined with some hard-hitting Champions in order to assist in banner protection, as he suffers when trying to deal with swarms of enemies.

Godtear Halftusk


Halfrusk has great regeneration and his followers are a real pain to enemy champions banner placement.

Halftusk’s Ultimate can only be used in the plot phase and lets him plant a banner, then give all friendly models within 2 hexes either a dodge or armor boon. His passive gives him 2 bonus accuracy if he doesn’t have any wounds. With 3 defense, 3 armor, and 7 wounds, plus the ability to heal 2 wounds a turn, it’s not difficult to always have the passive going.

Halftusk has 3 followers, the Froglodytes. The Froglodytes are able to enter objective hexes, which means that they can block hexes from enemy banner placement. In the plot phase, if on an objective hex, they can give themselves a dodge and armor boon and they can use hop to place themselves 2 hexes away. In the clash phase, they have no damaging attack, but they do have movement 3, allowing them to position to block hexes in the next plot phase, and abilities that let them pull a friendly banner within 2 hexes, 1 hex towards them, or an enemy within 2 hexes, 1 hex towards them.

Halftusk can regenerate 2 wounds in both the plot and clash phase, and is also able to give a doge boon within 2 hexes, or give an accuracy blight within 2. In the clash phase, his only options are regenerate, or One Punch, which is a range 1, 6/4 attack that lets him use the 4/5 Two Punch as a hit effect.

Halftusk only has a move of 2 in both phases and no way of boosting his own movement, so getting him into the thick of the action takes a couple of turns without help, but once he’s there, he is able to control and dominate the objective hexes, with the help of his followers and pure tenacity.

Godtear Mournblade


Mournblade is extremely fragile, but is easily brought back, along with their followers and has some great banner range.

Mournblade’s ultimate allows them to remove all of their followers, and place them again within 3 of Mournblade. Mournblade’s followers are extremely slow, but reduce the movement of all adjacent enemies to 0. There aren’t a lot of options for removing followers during the plot phase, so if used correctly, this can lock a large portion of the enemy up for a phase. Mournblade’s passive means that they are worth 1 step instead of 4 when knocked out, which happens a lot as Mournblade only has 1 health, but it also allows Mournblade to rally whenever an enemy is taken out.

Mournblade has 3 followers, the Knightshades. In the plot phase, they can give Mournblade a dodge boon, rally Mournblade if taken out or move Mournblade 2 hexes. In the clash phase, they can give themselves an accuracy boon, and attack with Death’s Door, which gets a +1 accuracy and damage if they made a recruit action this activation. Their main ability is that they reduce all adjacent enemies to 0 movement, which is a very powerful control tool.

In the plot phase, Mournblade can make a claim action with range 3, allowing for an easy first turn claim, and also allows them to keep distance from the main fray. Mournblade can also move each follower within 4, 2 hexes, which is essential to keeping their threat momentum up. In the clash phase, Mournblade can move their own banner to within 2 hexes, to keep it safe and can also rally all friendly champions within 3 hexes. The Soul Cleave attack is a range 3, 5 attack, 5 damage skill that recruits a follower if it hits.

Godtear Rhodri


Rhodri is a Dwarf and is incredibly slow, but once positioned, is difficult to take out and impossible to move.

Rhodri’s Ultimate lets him place a banner in the Clash phase, which if used as the last action on the turn, is a guaranteed 2 slides on the tracker. His passive means that if he is adjacent to a friendly banner, he cannot be moved by enemy models.

Rhodri has 4 followers, the Household Guard, and they are as slow and as stubborn as he is. They move 1 in the plot, and 2 in the clash phase and have 2 dodge, 4 armor. They can boost their own armor during the plot phase and in both, the plot and clash phase, use their March skill to move another hex. Their passive means that if they are adjacent to Rhodri, they can’t be moved by enemies. They have a reasonable attack, but their purpose is to hold the line against the enemy.

Rhodri, like his Guard, has 1 plot and 2 clash phase movement, with the March skill to move another hex. So getting him across the board is an investment. Once he’s where you need though, that’s it. 2 dodge, 4 armor, and 7 wounds, with the ability to boost his own armor in the plot phase, gives him a solid chance to avoid damage. He can also recruit followers within 2 hexes to help them build up, possibly keeping a defensive wall in front of him and between objectives.

If enemies get too close, he has the Shield Bash skill that rolls 7 to hit, moves an enemy 2 hexes away, and gives them a damage blight or has a range 1 5/6 attack.

Rhodri’s purpose isn’t to take out vast swathes of the enemy or do crazy stuff with banners. His purpose is to stay and hold the line, and he does that very well.

The stat cards for all of the Godtear Champions can be downloaded from Steamforged Games' Godtear page. The Godtear products used to produce this article were provided by Steamforged Games and Asmodee UK.


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