Digimon Card Game (2020)

A splash image of the Digimon Card Game logo with a series of cards behind it

Digimon Card Game (2020)

September 21, 2022

By: Andrew Stretch

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A splash image of the Digimon Card Game logo with a series of cards behind it
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Bandai Namco
Release Date
April 24, 2020
Number of Players

Digimon has continued to enjoy a new boom in popularity from increased production of shows, new Digivice v-pet releases, and the launch of a new card game. The Digimon Card Game, not to be confused with the older Digi-Battle Card Game, is a CCG from Bandai Namco where players are able to raise their own Digimon and take them into battle.

The Digimon Card Game allows players to take turns to draw cards, hatch new Digimon, and digivolve Digimon on their side of the board. The aim of the game is to defeat your opponent's Digimon and attack them directly to reduce their security, a stack of cards placed to the side at the start of the battle. Each turn's action economy is based on a tug-of-war memory gauge between the players. You can continue to play cards of different memory values until the memory flips over to your opponent's side. Play conservatively and starve each other out for memory, or make big moves to give your opponents a larger chance to strike back.

New sets release every 3-4 months featuring new game mechanics such as armor Digivolution, multi-colored cards, and Xros fusion. A lot of these mechanics are introduced in sets that contain cards relevant to the seasons of the Digimon anime where the concepts were introduced.