Reichbusters Projekt Vril Kickstarter Showcase

Our Reichbusters Projekt Vril Kickstarter pledge is in so we take a look at it's contents

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Reichbusters Kickstarter Pledge

Reichbusters Projekt Vril is a tactical adventure boardgame from Mythic Games. Players take on the roles of an elite unit, sent in to stop an underground Nazi research project before it's completed, and turns the tide of the war.

Previously on our On The Tabletop first impressions articles, we would unbox a product first in an Off The Shelf article. As we managed to get hold of a complete, All-In Pledge for Reichbusters Projekt Vril, we wanted to showcase the entire Kickstarter in all its glory. So in this article, we're going to take a look at each part of the pledge. We'll follow this article up with our usual On The Tabletop, so you can see first impressions feedback from the whole team.

As a note, everything we're showcasing here is part of the Kickstarter, and anything that hits retail in the future could vary in components and graphics.

Reichbusters Core Set

Reichbusters Projekt Vril Core Set

The Reichbusters Project Vril core set is essential for playing. It contains all the rules, boards, heroes, and tokens you need to play. All the other products and expansions lead off this, so it's a required purchase for getting into the game.

Reichbusters uses a combination of dice tests and individual unit action cards to get things done. During a player's turn, they can complete actions using the custom dice, and boost their actions with cards from the action decks.

There are 2 phases to games, the pre-alarm and post-alarm phase. During the pre-alarm phase, the heroes are relatively in control and can move about, trying to keep the noise level low to avoid alerting nearby enemies. After the alarm sounds, the game skips into full combat as more enemies appear and the rounds begin to countdown to mission end. We'll look in detail at the rules for Reichbusters when we do our On The Tabletop playthrough.

Most of the core set is taken up with the 73 miniatures it contains. Everything from soldiers and zombies, to the Nazi overlords and the huge Vrilpanzer for the heroes to defeat.

Reichbusters Not of This Earth

Reichbusters Projekt Vril: Not Of This Earth

Reichbusters Not Of This Earth is a huge expansion, centered around a portal the Nazis opened into an alien world. It features aliens and more super-soldiers for the heroes to battle. 34 miniatures are included, ranging from the portal itself to the huge Shrieker and the devastating Vril Cannon Team. It also includes 4 new campaign missions and 8 Raid mission cards.

Reichbusters Project X

Reichbusters Projekt Vril: Projekt X

Reichbusters Project X only includes 1 miniature, but that miniature is huge. Project X itself is nearly 4 times as taller than the heroes and wide enough to fill it's base with its solid mass, its arms expanding over the sides. The expansion includes a campaign mission and 3 raid mission cards. You'll see our heroes in action against Project X in our playthrough soon.

Reichbusters Game Mat and Dice Tray

Reichbusters Projekt Vril Game Mat and Dice Tray

The Reichbusters Game Mat and Dice Tray are very handy for keeping control of your games. The neoprene game mat includes spaces for all the cards and the hero boards, along with a huge central space to set up the map tiles for the missions.

The dice tray clips together to help keep the dice from escaping off the table or across the maps, and unclips to lay flat during transport.

Reichbusters 3D Doors

Reichbusters Projekt Vril 3D Doors

The 3D Doors Set includes 4 different types of doors in 2 sizes. The 3D doors are fully functional as doors and open and close on hinges. In the core game, tokens are used and show a Noise Rating, these are represented by lights on the top of the 3D Doors so that there's no referring to tokens or the rules after set-up. The doors add a great extra dimension to the maps, and clearly represent the links between rooms.

Reichbusters Army Painter Set

Reichbusters Projekt Vril The Army Painter Paint Set

The paint-set from The Army Painter includes 12 paints, 1 brush, and an exclusive alternative pose for the Red Hawk character from the Core Set. It also includes a step by step painting guide for Red Hawk.

The paints included are a great set for Reichbusters, including all the blacks, browns, metal, flesh, and greens you will use across the range, but also Vril Red, Doktor Blue, Reich Green, and 6XX Claw. The painting guide has a great 8-step guide to painting the included Red Hawk miniature, with full pictures and details.

Reichbusters Sergeant Sally

Reichbusters Projekt Vril Sergeant Sally

Sergeant Sally is an exclusive hero, from the artwork featured on the cover of the Cargo Hold by Paolo Parente. Sergeant Sally is also the pinup art from the side of the Reichbusters' own aircraft. She comes with 2 weapons, an aggressive action deck, and the Squad Leader keyword. Her weapons and deck are the same as Sarge's from the Core Set, so she can be used as an alternative Sarge.

Reichbusters Art Book

Reichbusters Projekt Vril Art Book

A 96-page art book filled with epic artwork from all through production. It includes concept art, full-page art from the cards and rulebooks, art from the Kickstarter video production, and painted miniature artwork.

The Kickstarter for Reichbusters has ended, but keep an eye on Mythic's own website for news about a retail release.

All the Reichbusters products used to produce this showcase were provided by Mythic Games.


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