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Destroy All Humans! The Official Card Game is a new social deception game from Pegasus Spiele. We had a chance to interview the developers.

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Destroy All Humans! The Official Card Game is a new social deception game from Pegasus Spiele. At the moment it isn't currently available at retail but the team at Pegasus Spiele were kind enough to allow TechRaptor a chance to play the game and speak with them about it. In our review of the game we found that while getting 8 players together, especially in this climate, was a bit difficult the game itself was an absolute blast to play. From the detail of the narrator script, to the ease of understanding even for new players Destroy All Humans! The Official Card Game is a fun party game.

TR: What brought about the idea of turning Destroy All Humans! into a board game?

PS: At Gamescom 2019, we had a meeting with THQ Nordic, which we extended at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg 2020. From this, the idea was born to combine digital and analog game worlds. Following the Pen & Paper RPG for Desperados III, Destroy All Humans! – The Official Card Game is the second collaboration between THQ Nordic and Pegasus Spiele.

TR: Was it always going to be as a self-described Werewolf like? Or were other styles of games that you looked into making?

PS: We talked about other game concepts as well, but for us Werewolf was the perfect choice. It simply matched the story of Destroy All Humans! 100%.

TR: Did any of the team at Pegasus Spiele that worked on Destroy All Humans! The Official Card Game have a history playing the franchise previously?

PS: Not until now, but after working with THQ Nordic, we are looking forward to taking a look at the newest entry in the franchise. 

TR: Did you work with the development team working on the Destroy All Humans! remake that came out earlier this year, or were the processes completely separate?

PS: The entire card game was developed in cooperation with the team from Black Forest Games, we frequently coordinated with them concerning the content. 

TR: In traditional Werewolf there are a lot of less ‘special’ characters what was the thought process of adding so many unique characters?

PS: Most special characters are normal Citizens without special abilities. Only a few really have unique powers. In comparison to the regular Werewolf edition, their number is about the same. 

Destroy All Humans Official Card Game Cards

TR: Which of the special characters are you most happy about their inclusion?

PS: Majestic Agent 1 and 2. To us, their task to communicate without anyone noticing, was a very appealing addition. 

TR: Are there any special characters that were left on the cutting room floor, either for lack of time or just inability to balance?

PS: There are always plans for additional characters. Who knows what the future may bring? But in this case, all the characters we thought about when we first had the idea for Destroy All Humans! – The Official Card Game have made it into the game. 

TR: While playing my group would always end up with one of the Majestic Agents dying surprisingly quickly. If one of the Majestic Agents is killed the other isn’t able to use their ability, were there ever any plans to give the Agents an ability when their partner was dead?

PS: We actually discussed this situation for quite some time and also agreed that the abilities of the two agents are much weaker than the single Seer in our regular Werewolves version. To make up for this, we drastically reduced their character values to allow for more additional pro-Human roles in the game.  

The goal of the Humans (as in all “classic” Werewolves settings) has to be to support the Agents and to lead the Furons on a (wrong) path, making them believe that other players are the Agents to keep the actual Agents safe. It may be necessary to reduce the character values of the two Agents to 2 instead of 2.5 – unfortunately, due to the Corona pandemic, we did not have enough opportunities to test this in the right groups. Another possibility would be that the remaining Agent, after one of them was eliminated, may use both abilities, but only on every second night. In this case, we would increase the value of the Agents by a total of 1 (so 0.5 each). 

Destroy All Humans Official Card Game Script


TR: What is the role you’re always hoping that you’ll get when you play? Or do you prefer to be the narrator watching the chaos unfold?

PS: There are many roles I enjoy – but especially President Huffmann, both Agents or Orthopox-13. Our editor Sebastian likes to be the narrator and watch the others come up with (wrong) theories, plunging everything into chaos all the time. 

TR: The use of the Character Values table, allowing for a fair balance between included characters is a quick and easy way to be able to ensure that the game is balanced. There’s no real question here just wanted to compliment you all on making ensuring it’s a fun game while swapping in and out mechanics so easy.

PS: Thank you 😊. 

TR: Lastly, I understand that this card game will be limited run. Where and when might people be able to try to get a copy of Destroy All Humans! The Official Card Game?

PS: A retail version may follow. Let us know on our Facebook page if that is something you would like to get your hands on – and keep your eyes open!

While Destroy All Humans! The Official Card Game isn't publically available (seriously, hit up that Facebook page) if you want more Furon fun you can pick up the Destroy All Humans! Remake on console and PC. Techraptor gave it an 8.5/10 praising it for its improved graphics and controls while lamenting that while it's a great game it's still quite short.

Techraptor would like to thank the team at Pegasus Spiele for taking the time to talk with us about Destroy All Humans! The Official Card Game.

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