Munchkin Panic with Fireside Games at Gen Con 2014

At Gen Con 2014, we got a chance to hang out with FIreside Games and try our hands at some Munchkin Panic on the show floor.

Published: August 27, 2014 10:00 AM /


Munchkin Panic Cover Art

Fireside games, publisher of Castle Panic, are releasing a new iteration. Neither a sequel nor an expansion, Munchkin Panic is a mashup of Castle Panic’s cooperative struggle to survive and Munchkin’s drive to ruin every other player’s day. In most cooperative games any piece of loot acquired is quickly traded to whichever player can best utilize it, but with Munchkin Panic’s self-centered attitude any help given is traded shrewdly, bordering on extortion.

We had the opportunity to sit down with the team at Fireside and talk about the game:

Munchkin Panic offers a goofy lighthearted spin on the hand wringing tension of most cooperative games. I’m particularly taken with the idea of a cooperative game that disincentives players from commanding the whole party (which I have an awful habit of). Also games where the party is particularly lucky or unlucky aren't a waste of time, since the players will naturally adjust the degree of their hatred towards one another balancing the game.

You can look for Munchkin Panic October 8th 2014. Grab original Munchkin here!

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Spencer Davis at Gen Con 2014
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