Golem Arcana - GenCon 2014

GenCon 2014, and we've been given the opportunity to take a quick look at Golem Arcana and talked to the people behind the game.

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One of the things that seems to be gradually growing in tabletop gaming is the leveraging of technology as a major part of experience . With games such as X-COM (Fantasy Flight Games), software programs for Role Playing Games, and mobile apps, some developers are beginning to utilize the tools that we all already have fingertips.

Golem Arcana is a minatures-based game, much like Warhammer 40K or WarMachine, where players build a fighting force of different minis, then battle it out on the tabletop. While these games are addictively enjoyable, much of the game time is spent book-keeping, moving, and checking damage.

The difference between them and Golem Arcana is its use of technology to almost entirely remove that book keeping, bringing full games to around 20 minutes of nonstop action!

The way the game works is simple, thanks to the bluetooth TDI stylus that connects your real world minis (which are gorgeous by the way) to their digital counterparts (also gorgeous) on your device. The beauty of the game is that because the tablet/smartphone app is there, there is no rule book, no calculator, and no buffs/debuffs to forget about.

You don't even have to explain the game to a friend in order to play. Just turn on the device, and play the intro battle. On top of that, the scenarios that have been designed for the game will have unexpected events that could happen at any time and totally change the way you play!

One of the other awesome features is the game world itself. It is a living world that is affected by the players' choices and outcome from scenarios. Every game you play will have an effect on the fantasy realm, and you'll be able to see those as time goes on!

The world is already rich with lore and intrigue, but the ability to shape the world from your kitchen table/battlefield, makes it dynamic. That experience gets even richer when you look at the Golem Arcana forums where players are invited to get together and talk strategies for individual battles as well as the evolving world-wide campaign.


Have I piqued your interest yet?

Check out our videos from GenCon for more.

This game looks like a great way to bring board gamers and video gamers  into the world of mini wargaming. The app is free on both the Google Play and App Store, and you can pick up Golem Arcana at your local game shop or on AmazonStay tuned for a review in the future!

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