A Look at the X-Wing Rebel Transport!

The Rebel Transport in Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures was announced by Fantasy Flight Games at Gencon 2013 and we got to take a look at it.

Published: May 19, 2014 12:09 PM /


X-Wing Rebel Transport Covert Art

Fantasy Flight Games announced big things for the game X-Wing at GenCon 2013. In addition to continuing adding star fighters to the game, a new class of huge ships would be arriving within the coming year. The first of these, the Rebel Transport as made famous in The Empire Strikes Back, was released in April of this year. This ship's scale literally changes the way the game is played and even included another X-Wing fighter with cool new options.



  • The ship is very detailed and cool looking. The X-Wing included is also an alternate paint scheme so you can keep it separate from your others on the field.
  • The rules for Cinematic Play are included and are very cool! It allows players to guide the Rebel Transport through the perilous flight from Hoth as scene in The Empire Strikes Back.
  • The scale and rules accompanying the ship literally change the way you play and move this colossal ship
  • Included are several huge ship only upgrades and new pilots for X-Wings, adding even more to the Rebel arsenal.


  • The price point is rather steep at $60, making this not for the thrift-minded.
  • Much like Imperial Aces, this is basically only for one faction. Faction-loyal Imperial players have no need for this.
  • This isn't even field-able outside of Epic and Cinematic play.

Our verdict is surprisingly similar to the one for Imperial Aces on the Rebel Transport. While it's very cool and it does include a few new upgrades for fighters, this one is almost even more divisive, as most of the new upgrades can be taken on no Imperial ships so far. Between that and the scaling and rules barring this from any standard play, it's got a few downsides. Even those downsides can't keep this ship down, though.

The Rebel Transport expansion is available here and at your local game store.

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