Feldherr HS Cases Preview

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Feldherr HS Cases

Feldherr offers a huge selection of solutions for protecting and organizing your tabletop life. These range from wargaming miniatures storage, to specific component protection for board and card games. We're big fans of their products here at TechRaptor, and as part of a Feldherr showcase, we're taking a look at different options they have available.

We've looked at Feldherr soft-cases in the past, the Feldherr Mini-Plus and Maxi cases and now Feldherr offers 2 new hard-cases, the Half-Sized 50 and Half-Sized 90.

We have an exclusive Feldherr discount code for our readers, which can be found at the end of the article.

Feldherr HS 90.
The Feldherr HS 90 case can hold 90mm of Half-Sized foam.

Both the HS 90 and HS 50 can hold Feldherr Half-Sized foam. The 50 and 90 refer to the depth of foam they can hold. This makes it very easy when selecting foam from the Feldherr site as the item codes for the Foam includes the depth. For example, foam insert HS035BO is 35mm high.

Feldherr HS 50.
The Feldherr HS 50 case can hold 50mm of Half-Sized foam.

Apart from the height of the cases, both HS cases are identical, in design. Both are sturdy enough to stop light impact damage and are extremely light. The outside zips are thick and robust, and both include and inside, zipped mesh pocket for storing army lists and unit cards.

Feldherr HS 90.
The Feldherr HS90 is perfect for skirmish games.

The HS 90 and 50 are perfect for small points games, or skirmish games. Perfectly holding small forces for games like Infinity CodeOne, Age of Sigmar Warcry, Bushido, The Drowned Earth, and Warhammer 40K Kill Team.

Feldherr HS 50.
The Feldherr HS 50 with 2 starter sets from The Drowned Earth.

With the huge variety of foam available from Feldherr, they can also be used to carry hobby accessories, decks of cards for your favorite CCG, roleplaying accessories including dice, or even board game components. 

Feldherr HS 90.
The huge variety of foam available from Feldherr gives you huge possibilities for transporting your tabletop games.

The HS050A018 tray for example can hold 3 decks, along with extra areas for tokens and dice. This can be used to hold your Warhammer Underworlds decks, tokens, and dice, or 3 Legend of the 5 Rings decks with tokens.

The Feldherr HS 50 and 90 are perfect for lightweight protection of your tabletop games. They offer more robust impact damage than the soft cases but take up a little more space and weight. They sit between soft cases and plastic cases with a balance of protection and weight. 

The Feldherr HS Cases are just one example of the storage solutions that Feldherr offers. You can check out their other products on their site.

Feldherr have given TechRaptor an exclusive discount code for our readers. The code is valid until 11/30/2020 and gives a discount of 5 Euros from a minimum 50 Euro order. Use the Code: TECHRAP20 at checkout via the Feldherr site.

The Feldherr HS Case 50 and HS Case 90 used to produce this preview were provided by Feldherr.


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