Feldherr Gloomhaven Box Organizer Preview

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Feldherr Gloomhaven Organizer

Feldherr offers a huge selection of solutions for protecting and organizing your tabletop life. These range from wargaming miniatures storage, to specific component protection for board and card games. We're big fans of their products here at TechRaptor, and as part of a Feldherr showcase, we're taking a look at different options they have available.

We wanted to show a Feldherr solution for a board game, and it was clear what that game should be. Gloomhaven is well known as one of the physically biggest board game's out there and if Feldherr could handle it, they could handle anything.

We have an exclusive Feldherr discount code for our readers, which can be found at the end of the article.

Feldherr Gloomhaven Organizer
An example of how the Feldherr foam and all components fit into the Gloomhaven box.

There are 2 ways Feldherr offers to store Gloomhaven. The miniatures can be stored in a separate box with foam specifically cut for maximum protection of those miniatures, with the rest of the components fitting neatly in and around 3 foam trays in the Gloomhaven box. Or the miniatures can stay in their individual boxes. Everything will still fit into the Gloomhaven box, but the box lid won't sit flush.

If you're looking for maximum protection, and your miniatures are painted, the obvious choice is the separate miniatures storage, but that will depend on your overall situation. In this article, we're going to focus on the storage solution with miniatures stored separately.

Feldherr Gloomhaven miniatures storage.
The dedicated Gloomhaven miniatures storage solution offers maximum protection for your miniatures.

The Feldherr Gloomhaven miniatures foam is cut specifically for the protection of the 18 miniatures from the game. The foam fits perfectly in their Magnetic Box, but the half-sized foam tray can also fit into any of their other cases if you're looking to carry other miniatures as well.

Feldherr Gloomhaven Organizer

The first part of the foam insert storage sits neatly beside the character boxes. The foam is filled with all the cards, dials, larger enemy standees, and the 3 tile scenery tokens.

Feldherr Gloomhaven Organizer

The next foam insert sits neatly on top and contains all the tokens and scenery tiles, we didn't sort some of the individual tokens to show the empty sections. You can sort the tokens in a style that suits your game.

Feldherr Gloomhaven Organizer

The final part of the foam inserts and the most helpful, is the enemy stand-up storage. All the multiple enemy stand-ups can be stored neatly in their own sections in the foam, so they can be found and placed easily. This saves storing them in individual bags or having to sort through bags to find the ones you need and makes it very quick to set up and pack away games.

Feldherr Gloomhaven Organizer

A thin foam protector goes on top of the last foam insert and some tiles and the envelopes can be stored in the spaces around the foam and character boxes.

Feldherr Gloomhaven Organizer

The board and map tiles all sit on top of the foam and character boxes. They can take some moving around to find the sweet spot of organization so they all sit flat. You can see the gap at the top of the image above between the tiles and the top of the box, giving you enough room to put the rulebook inside before the lid fits snug on top.

The Gloomhaven foam set is just one example of the board game storage solutions that Feldherr offers. The Gloomhaven foam set is a great example of the thought that goes into component storage, especially in such a component heavy product. You can check out their other products on their site.

Feldherr have given TechRaptor an exclusive discount code for our readers. The code is valid until 11/30/2020 and gives a discount of 5 Euros from a minimum 50 Euro order. Use the Code: TECHRAP20 at checkout via the Feldherr site.

The Feldherr Gloomhaven Foam Set and Magnetic Box used to produce this preview were provided by Feldherr.


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