Deep-Cut Studios Gaming Mats Showcase

Published: June 19, 2020 12:00 PM /


Deep-Cut Studios Gaming Mats

In tabletop wargames, forces clash amidst the ruins of settlements, or snow-covered tundras, or in darkened corridors of lost-long spaceships. Bringing these games to life are the accessory companies that produce scenery and gaming mats.

When players first start playing wargames, the battlefield is usually a random assortment of items representing buildings, or a sheet thrown over some books to make a hill. If you're looking to add more depth to the visuals of your game, Deep-Cut Studios have your back with their huge collection of printed gaming mats.

Deep-Cut Studios Gaming Mats

We've been sent 3 Deep-Cut Studios gaming mats to show off. They are all 3 foot by 3 foot (3x3), but other sizes are available through their site. We've been sent 3 very different gaming mats that work extremely well with the Batman Miniature Game, The Drowned Earth, and Infinity, including CodeOne.

We've used a variety of scenery throughout this article, which includes the Shanty Town Core Set from Battle Systems, and the core set scenery from BMG and Infinity.

Deep-Cut Studios Gaming Mat

In the image above, we've set up the Infinity CodeOne Operation Kaldstrom scenery on the Deep-Cut Studios Coldstorm gaming mat, and also set it up on a white sheet, so you can see the extra depth and detail the Deep-Cut gaming mat adds.

Deep-Cut Studios Gaming Mats

In the images above, you can see the following mats:

  • Gotham 3x3 Gaming Mat (with a mix of the Batman Miniature Game Dark Knight Rises boxed-set scenery and the new Back to Gotham Core-Set scenery)
  • The Drowned Earth Official Licensed 3x3 Gaming Mat (with Battle Systems Shanty Town Core Set)
  • Coldstorm 3x3 Gaming Mat (with the Infinity Op Kaldstrom starter set scenery)
Deep-Cut Drowned Earth Gaming Mat

The Deep-Cut gaming mats are extremely durable. The 3 we received rolled out flat with no work required or kinks. The rubber on the reverse grips well, so there's no mat movement and the top has a soft and smooth finish that's perfect for miniature movement and dice rolling.

The colors are vibrant, especially on the Drowned Earth mat that can be seen above and below. It's got an incredible 3D feel that makes some areas look deeper than others, really capturing the feel of the setting.

Deep-Cut Drowned Earth Gaming Mat

If you're looking for your next gaming mat, Deep-Cut Studios have a huge selection available for different settings and a variety of sizes direct through their website.


The Deep-Cut Studios Coldstorm, Gotham, and Drowned Earth Gaming Mats used in this feature were provided by Deep-Cut Studios.



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