[Update] Scythe, Terraforming Mars and more Getting Digital Releases

Published: August 19, 2017 3:00 PM /


Scythe Artwork Board Game

Update: Our TechRaptor Team at GenCon this weekend was able to secure more information regarding Asmodee Digital's plans for all of their upcoming releases. Note that these games are considered "coming soon" while Scythe, Terraforming Mars and Bananagrams are considered "in development."

Most of the details pertain to a few games briefly mentioned in the article below. For one, the new Settlers of Catan game is officially titled Catan Stories which is is described as a text-adventure game based on the world of Catan. The game is slated for a Q4 2017 release for mobile devices.

Another game scheduled for a Q4 2017 release is Smash Up, the popular card game that has players mix a number of different themed decks together to battle other players. the digital version of Smash Up can play up to four players, and will feature eight different factions including pirates, zombies, robots and ninjas. The game will be released for Steam and mobile devices.

One game not mentioned in the original article was Ticket to Ride: First Journey, which is designed to be a version of the popular Ticket to Ride board game intended for younger audiences. Ticket to Ride: First Journey will be released on PC, Mac and mobile devices in Q3 of 2017.

All of the games mentioned are slated for a Q3 or Q4 release, with the exception of the digital version of Zombicide.

It should also be noted that Asmodee mentioned that some of the games will be freemium titles, although they did not specify which games would fall under that category.

Original Story: Developer Asmodee Digital has announced several popular board games are currently in development for digital release, including a Scythe Steam release.

Information coming right out of GenCon revealed that Asmodee Digital will be bringing popular board games such as Scythe, Terraforming Mars and more to Steam and mobile devices.

Asmodee Digital Games Flier
The flier with the rundown of games from Asmodee Digital

The biggest announcement of the bunch deals with Scythe, the popular alternate-history board game which combines 1920's Europe with giant mechs. The critically acclaimed game by Stonemaier Games was specifically mentioned to receive a Steam release for the PC.

Other announces on the flier include Stronghold Games Terraforming Mars, a Spiel des Jahres nominated game about turning Mars into a habitable planet, and the word game Bananagrams, which is confirmed to be released on iOS and Android devices.

In addition to the fliers at GenCon, other tidbits of information regarding Asmodee Digital have surfaced, plugging iOS and Android versions of classic and modern board and card games such as Settlers of Catan Stories, Carcassonne, Mille Bornes and Smash Up, among others.


Asmodee Digital is a fully owned subsidiary of the Asmodee Group, an international board game publisher founded in 1995. The French company is well known for publishing many popular games in the past twenty years in both English and French, including titles like Diplomacy, Jungle Speed, and Ca$h N' Gun$. Asmodee is also responsible for the French publishing rights to the Pokémon games, and recently acquired the English version rights to Settlers of Catan from Mayfair games.

No release dates for any of these digital titles have been announced at this time.

Quick Take

Scythe alone is exciting to me, as it's a good choice for a digital version of the game. The fact that it is specifically listed for Steam unlike the other games thus far is a good start, so hopefully, the transition from the table to digital is a smooth one in the end. The other games, like Carcassone, Smash Up and the like are also logical additions to the digital catalog. 

Hopefully, more information regarding their release dates is revealed soon. 

What are your thoughts on All of this? Are you looking forward to trying Scythe Steam version? Leave your comments below. 

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