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the sojourn review featured image

The Sojourn Review – Unsatisfactory Sojourning

A sojourn is defined as a temporary stay. You can say a group "sojourned in New York", or "the sojourn ...
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monster hunter world iceborne review featured image

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Review – Fantastically Frozen Fun

When I reviewed Monster Hunter: World, I praised the game for its ability to execute on its core concept of ...
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Genesis Mini Review – It Does What Nintendont

Ever since the NES Classic burst onto the scene back in 2017, every console manufacturer seems to have a mini ...
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borderlands 3 review header

Borderlands 3 Review – The King is Dead, Long Live the King

There is little doubt that the success of the Borderlands series has had a significant influence on modern game design ...
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devils hunt review header

Devil’s Hunt Review – This Devil Definitely Cries

Remember when The Witcher came out, a game developed by Polish developers based on a Polish book? Which made the ...
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kind words header

Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to) Review – Tear Jerker

We could all use someone saying something nice to us. However, it's occasionally tough to actually find someone willing to ...
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astral chain review header

Astral Chain Review – Awesome Anime Action

The name PlatinumGames carries a lot of weight to it. I haven't played a title by the developer myself until ...
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gears 5 review header

Gears 5 Review – Let the Past Die. Kill It If You Have To.

If I had to compare Gears of War 4 to a movie, I think my choice would be Star Wars: ...
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telling lies review header

Telling Lies Review – Clunky Yet Intriguing

New releases are constantly pushing the line between video games and movies. If it isn't David Cage stretching the boundaries ...
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green hell review header

Green Hell Review – Scouting Didn’t Prepare Me

The Boy Scouts of America organization taught me a lot about survival in the woods. Find water, a way to ...
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Tabletop Game Reviews

mysthea review box

Mysthea Review – Epic Battles and Potent Powers

More than three years ago, I previewed a card game called Jewels. It wasn't all that mechanically complex, but I had ...
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DND essentials header

First Look: Dungeons And Dragons Essentials Kit

This summer, game publisher Wizards of the Coast made another strong push in their efforts to bring new gamers into ...
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kodachi 1

Kodachi Review – By Strength Or Stealth

Kodachi is a quick and interesting card game based on rival ninjas infiltrating houses in feudal Japan. Kodachi comes in ...
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test of honour 2e 1

Test of Honour 2nd Edition Gaming Set Review

Test of Honour is a feudal Japanese wargame. Graham Davey took control of the license under his new company Grey ...
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Fog of Love - Box Art

Fog Of Love Review – Love Is A Romantic Comedy Board Game

Relationships can be hard work. Despite anything that romantic comedies might tell you, not every relationship works out well. Fog ...
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Hellboy: The Board Game

Hellboy: The Board Game Review – The Devil Is In The Details

Adaptations can be a tricky thing, especially when it comes to tabletop gaming. My own stance on video games being ...
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dark souls the card game seekers of humanity 1

Dark Souls The Card Game: Seekers of Humanity Review

It's no secret that we're fans of Dark Souls the Card Game. It was our 2018 Board Game of the ...
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crusader kings header

Crusader Kings Board Game Review – Story Over Strategy

Let me tell you a story about Queen Adelaide. She was quite Clever, and she was married to a Strong ...
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ghost of saltmarsh header

DND: Ghosts of Saltmarsh Preview – The Ocean is the Scariest Dungeon

Your wizard’s seen every dungeon from here to Neverwinter. Your fighter’s bested hundreds of goblins in the hill-country. Your bard’s ...
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Dungeoneer's Pack - Full Set

Dungeoneer’s Pack Review

Tabletop Roleplaying is a very involved hobby. You need the rulebooks for the game, you need dice, and you need ...
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Amnesia: Collection Amnesia Collection - Key Art

Amnesia: Collection on Nintendo Switch is So Good, It’s Scary

Horror can be a difficult thing to get right. Fear is incredibly subjective, which is why so many games go ...
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realm of magic sims techraptor 3

The Sims 4: Realm of Magic Conjures Up An Enchanting Experience

Magic has been a staple element of The Sims franchise from the beginning. Sure, maybe it’s not as ubiquitous as ...
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session gap

Session Catches Air With A Skateboarding Sim That Raises The Bar

Growing up, the golden standard of skateboarding games was Tony Hawk. With the fall of that franchise, EA's Skate series ...
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trials of mana duran

Trials of Mana Remake Feels Like Familiar Fun

Whenever people talk about influential, iconic JRPGs from the past few decades, some major franchises very quickly come to mind ...
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gamedec logo

Gamedec Has You Cyberpunk Sleuthing Virtual Crimes

If you're a fan of cyberpunk, then these next couple of years have you covered. Of course, the big one ...
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stela logo

Stela is An Atmospheric Platformer Full of Dread

The first time I saw Stela, I was immediately reminded of Playdead's INSIDE, which I would argue is one of ...
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liberated gameplay

Comic Book Panels Come Alive in Liberated

No one can deny that the modern entertainment landscape is heavily influenced by comics. Liberated doesn't just want to be ...
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bravery network online promo art

Bravery Network Online Turns up the Weird and Competitive

Bravery Network Online is weird. The characters exist in a post-post-apocalyptic world. Everyone fights each other for sport, but some ...
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raji an ancient epic

Raji’s God of War-Like Gameplay Brings Indian Mythology to Everyone

From a distance, Raji: An Ancient Epic caught my eye immediately. There are some things that show you the promise ...
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skater xl logo

Skater XL Looks to Fill EA’s Skate Shoes

Years have passed since we got a major skateboarding video game from a AAA studio. EA hasn’t said word one ...
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