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my friend pedro review header

My Friend Pedro Review – Max Pedro

My Friend Pedro is like if Sonic the Hedgehog went on a drug-fueled killing spree. It’s a nonsensical and gleeful ...
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pathologic 2 review header

Pathologic 2 Review – Seriously Weird

Pathologic 2 drops you in at the deep end. It throws you into its overpowering atmosphere of misery and oppression ...
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the padre review header

The Padre Review – You’re Mostly Alone, it’s Dark

It's #loveindies time, which means that TechRaptor is going all in on indie game coverage! That means previews, reviews and ...
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conan unqonquered review header

Conan Unconquered Review – Conan, Smasher of Waves

I don’t know much about Conan the Barbarian, but if Conan Unconquered has taught me anything, it’s that the half-naked ...
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stellaris ancient relics review header

Stellaris: Ancient Relics Review – That Belongs in a Space Museum!

One of the most ubiquitous themes in sci-fi media is the existence of ancient and incomprehensibly powerful, but extinct alien ...
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persona q2 review header

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth Review – All-out Fan Service

The Persona series has been around the block when it comes to spin-off titles. From dancing to fighting, everyone’s favorite ...
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team sonic racing review header

Team Sonic Racing Review – Gotta Go The Speed Limit

Sonic is once again giving his feet a break and hopping into a car. This occurrence isn't wholly uncommon for ...
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warhammer chaosbane review header

Warhammer: Chaosbane Review – Diablohammer

Every couple of months, a new Warhammer game drops on Steam. It seems there are no less than seventeen Games ...
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gato roboto review header

Gato Roboto Review – Pawsitive Results

Step aside, Samus. Gato Roboto's protagonist cat Kiki is every bit as able and badass as that grizzled, suited up bounty ...
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unruly heroes review header

Unruly Heroes Review – An Unsung Journey

Platforming games, it seems, are in a mini-renaissance in the indie game market. Countless titles are available as digital downloads, ...
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Tabletop Game Reviews

embark preview image

Embark Review – Yo Ho Ho and a Box of Fun

There's a number of different ways that tabletop games set up players against one another. In one game you might ...
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Escape the Dark Castle - Box

Escape The Dark Castle Review – Spooky Scary Skeletons

Atmosphere plays an interesting role in tabletop gaming. In the case of tabletop RPGs setting the right atmosphere with lighting ...
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star wars outer rim 1

Off The Shelf / On The Tabletop – Star Wars Outer Rim – Space Banditry

I visited the old On The Tabletop team recently and we decided to do an OTT Legacy Team article. So ...
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Sonic Crash Course - Box

Sonic Crash Course Review – Blue Blur Speeds By

I have made no bones about my opinion of video games being turned into board games. Often times the board ...
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middara box 2

Middara Review – Setting a New Standard For Narrative Boardgames

Middara: Unintentional Malum Act 1 is incredible. I generally shoot for a longer opening for my board game reviews, but Middara ...
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gotham city chronicles header

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles Review – Holy Excellent Board Game Batman!

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles is big, beautiful, complex, heavy and, most importantly, a ton of fun. This isn't the game ...
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waterdeep header

Dungeons & Dragons: Waterdeep – Dungeon of the Mad Mage Board Game Review

I started my love of hobby board gaming with the D&D Adventure Board games many years ago, let the games ...
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Dragon Ball Z: Over 9000 - box contents

Dragon Ball Z: Over 9000 Review – Basic B*tch Brawling

Sometimes a joke just outstays its welcome. There is possibly no better example than the 'Over 9000' meme which became ...
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Symbaroum Tabletop RPG Review – First Impressions From A Fractured World

Deep in the ink-black darkness of the ruinous forest of Davokar, something dreadful stirs. You can’t see it, but you ...
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space gate odyssey 1

Space Gate Odyssey Review – Worker Management Gets Tactical

In Space Gate Odyssey players compete, attempting to build an efficient space station in order to populate planets with settlers ...
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trine 4 the nightmare prince

Trine 4’s New Mechanics Revitalize The Series

Trine has never been a massive series, but it is pretty well-known and is definitely one of the better ones ...
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iron harvest jakub rozalski

Company of Heroes Meets Dieselpunk in Iron Harvest

We here at TechRaptor have had our eye on Iron Harvest for a while. We're all huge lovers of Scythe, ...
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100m 2

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Gets A Silver Medal

Even though I do not understand the draw to these types of games as a whole, that does not mean ...
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paranoia happiness is mandatory logo

Paranoia is a Tactical RPG With an AI Big Brother Watching Your Every Move

Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory may be perfectly named. The world of Paranoia is one that, well, induces a lot of ...
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A Preview of Two Buzzworthy Games from E3 For All Audiences

It's hard to find entertaining games that cater to children, teens, and adults. At E3, I found two great upcoming ...
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coverage club project warlock header

Coverage Club: Project Warlock is a Delightfully Satisfying FPS

The first-person shooter market is extremely saturated. It's hard to find a new shooter that does something different than its ...
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image from ios

A Look at Two Daedalic Titles From E3 That Break Genre Conventions

When you think Daedalic, you think point-and-click games. I saw two games from E3 that might not fit the Daedalic ...
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Harvest Moon Mad Dash Is Fast Fun

Harvest Moon Mad Dash is one of those games thats not for everybody but also for everyone at at the ...
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Pokemon Sword & Shield Is A Masterball of Fun

It’s crazy to think that after almost 21 years the Pokémon franchise still manages to capture that feeling I had ...
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Maneater is a Shark RPG Worth Sinking Your Teeth Into

Sharks are always the bad guys in pop culture and media. I think it's a bit unjustified; while they appear ...
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