Deadpool Review

Deadpool is an enjoyable game that, while not recommended for kids, will keep you laughing all the way through.

NCAA Football 14 Review

Solid offering from EA, but feels like there should/could be more to it. Graphics look good, but audio is lacking while the gameplay has finally hit a good tone.

last of us review

The Last Of Us Review

Naughty Dog has done it again. The Last of Us is a fantastic, story driven title that every gamer needs to play before Next-Gen hits.

Dungeon Hunter 4 Review - Android and iOS

What could be a fun game is terribly hindered by in-app purchases.

Star Trek Rivals Review

Offering hours of competitive fun, Star Trek Rivals is worth a look.Offering hours of competitive fun, Star Trek Rivals is worth a look.

Defiance Featured

Defiance Review: Ark Hunting is fun!

Defiance, like its TV Show counter-part, offers a vast and diverse world for you to explore.

Stargate SG-1: Unleashed Review - Episode 1

SG-1: Unleashed is a perfect way to bring back the world of Stargate in the form of a game.

Review: Thermaltake Chaser MK-I Case

Great Case for anyone with a need for a hotswap drive.