EXIT Theft on the Mississippi Preview Background

EXIT: Theft on the Mississippi Review

EXIT: Theft on the Mississippi ramps up the difficulty for Escape Room board games. Try to solve the mystery of the theft with a non-linear approach to puzzles. Good fun if you have a party that's in the mood.
Lovingly Evil

Lovingly Evil Review

Lovingly Evil has great characters and a genuinely funny script, but this is a dating-sim that could have benefited from more dating.
Eternal Hope Header

Eternal Hope Review

Gorgeous visuals don't quite make up for inaccurate and clunky platforming.
Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game

Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game Review

Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game offers family fun around a beloved attraction.
The Ambassador Fractured Timelines Portal

The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines Review

The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines is not a bad game, but it is dreadfully boring.
Funkoverse Strategy Game Game of Thrones

Funkoverse Strategy Game: Game of Thrones Review

The Game of Thrones Expansion to the Funkoverse Strategy Game honors its source material
Subject 2923 Header

Remnant: From the Ashes - Subject 2923 Review

Subject 2923 adds more loot and a brand new planet called Reisum. The new locale is fun to explore, and the boss fights and enemies are even better.

Battletoads Review

Battletoads might just be Summer's sleeper hit. Despite some shortcomings, it's a punchy brawler with insanely charming animations and genuinely funny humor.
Parkasaurus review - park entrance cover

Parkasaurus Review

Parkasaurus is a charming take on dinosaur theme parks, but it has some small shortcomings that keep it from being a truly great experience.
Katana Board Game

Katana Review

Katana is an extremely thematic samurai battle game. The focus is entirely on skill and reading your opponent's actions and cards and planning your own strategy around that, rather than blindly playing cards. The whole product is very tight in terms of the minimalistic components, colors and the table space it takes up. The different actions available each turn gives enough variety in how you can approach each battle, whilst still keeping the game tight and skill focused. Katana is quick to learn, very easy to teach, fast to play, offers a high amount of technical skill and at $15 delivered, it's an incredible product.
Fairy Tail Preview Image

Fairy Tail Review

A fun dive into the world of Fiore covering most arcs after the time skip. Enjoyable and interesting turn-based combat with plenty of side quests and collectibles to keep you invested through the story. Fans of the franchise should check out this game even if the combat seems like a turn off.
Mortal Shell

Mortal Shell Review

Mortal Shell boasts responsive combat and gorgeous visuals, but it's let down by rote level design, poor storytelling, and a general unfinished feel.
Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) Preview Image

Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) Review

Microsoft Flight Simulator is back with gorgeous graphics and even more beautiful planes to look at. Returning players will be pleased to see how many enhancements have been made while the tutorial and assist modes give an entry point to even a novice flyer.
Bite the Bullet Review

Bite The Bullet Review

Bite the Bullet is an aesthetically unappealing mess of ideas. Its shooting has some nutritional value, but it's bogged down by terrible presentation and lackluster execution.
Banner of the Maid Tutorial

Banner of the Maid Review

Banner of the Maid is an excellent strategy RPG that is hindered slightly by its sexualization of women.
A battle rages all around in A Total War Saga: Troy

A Total War Saga: Troy Review

A Total War Saga: Troy is a worthy successor with significant new features, such as Divine Will, that adds depth to the tried and true franchise.
Littlewood Review farming cover

Littlewood Review

Littlewood might just be the perfect casual game, blending farming RPGs, roguelites, and city builders into one neat package.
Samurai Brothers

Samurai Brothers Review

Samurai Brothers is a simple to learn, straightforward to play game with a decent amount of tactical depth. The art style is bright and appealing, and with some polish to the rulebook and tweaking of 2-player games, and some interaction added for players eliminated early in larger player games, it could be a very rewarding game. If player elimination doesn’t bother you though, or the art-style and theme grab you, then is it well worth you backing Samurai Brothers on Kickstarter.
Fall Guys Header

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review

Fall Guys offers a mixed variety of fun (and frustrating) stages. With its over-the-top physics and personalization of your character, there's a lot to love about this battle royale.
Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS. Maxiboost On Header

Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost ON Review

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS Maxiboost On can be overwhelming at first, but it is a very rewarding fighting game.
Post Void Preview Image

Post Void Review

Post Void packs fast pace FPS action, roguelike mechanics, and a weird 'in your face' art style into this tiny explosive package. If you don't like repeating instances then this small game might not be your style.
The main logo for Hellbound

Hellbound Review

Hellbound's core gameplay loop is punchy, satisfying, and cathartic. It's just a shame there's so little of it.

Skully Review

There are moments where Skully is an exciting and charming adventure though an island paradise. It's just buried under too much annoyances and level design issues.
Beyond A Steel Sky

Beyond A Steel Sky Review

Beyond A Steel Sky might be one of the best examples of a point-and-click adventure game in the last few years.