Run the Blockade with the Tantive IV! [X-Wing Miniatures Review]

Run the Blockade with the Tantive IV! [X-Wing Miniatures Review]

Published: August 5, 2014 1:30 PM /


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Continuing Fantasy Flight Games' Rebel domination of huge ship releases, the iconic blockade runner that is the Tantive IV was released. This corvette totes a huge amount of firepower as well as a slew of new options and upgrades such as Han Solo and C-3PO as crew members for the Rebellion. The attached video takes this classic ship from the screen of A New Hope and puts it on your computer as we dive into the contents. [youtube] PROS:

  • This is quite the offensive powerhouse in your epic and campaign games.
  • Adds quite a few new options for huge ships, which shows an intent to support the line overall and not just individual ships.
  • The craftsmanship on this model is very impressive overall.
  • Adds yet another fully fleshed campaign for campaign play.
  • Range 3-5 is a very cool and exciting place to fire your weapons. Trust me.
  • Again, like the transport this is not for the thrift-minded coming in at a whopping $90.
  • While the crew members are cool, they are for the most part 'Rebel Only'. This, once again, is not for Imperial purists.
  • Even in epic play, this thing will take roughly a third of your points before any upgrades so it has to be used wisely.
  • Still only field-able in epic and cinematic play modes.
Our thoughts on the Tantive IV is slightly above the previous for the Rebel Transport. While it is pricier and still not for Imperial dogs  players, this is our first look at what an offensive ship can do in the larger scale of play. This is a very exciting and powerful piece to be added, and one Rebel players will certainly want to deploy against their foes. The Tantive IV is available here and as always at your local game store.

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