An indie publisher known for an expansive catalog and several key franchises. Here's what they have to say for themselves:

"5 years ago two guys decided to make video games and created No Time to Explain. It was a critical flop, but a commercial success with the uprising of Youtubers driving sales to the game. Since then, tinyBuild has been partnering up with dozens of indies around the world bringing you games like SpeedRunners, Punch Club, Party Hard, Clustertruck, The Final Station, and more. 

We bring games to Steam, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. You may have seen us doing obnoxiously orange booths at PAX."

Hello Puppets! Key Art

Hello Puppets!

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Enjoy this horror-comedy adventure exclusively for VR headsets with Hello Puppets! 

Undungeon Logo


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Undungeon is an action / roguelike / rpg under development by Laughing Machines, this being their debut title. It was greenlit by steam after a successful kickstarter campaign.

Hellpoint's Voracious Vista


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Hellpoint is an upcoming action-horror Soulslike set on Irid Novo - a massive space station orbiting a sinister black hole.

Not for Broadcast

Not for Broadcast

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Not for Broadcast puts you in charge of the National Nightly News in a distraught alternative 1980s dystopia.

Once Upon A Time In Roswell Game Page Alien

Once Upon A Time In Roswell

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Once Upon A Time In Roswell is the tale of a grizzled detective investigating a missing persons case.

hello neighbor cover

Hello Neighbor

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Hello Neighbor is a survival horror game in which you break into your neighbors home in an attempt to uncover whatever dark secrets he might be hiding.