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The PlayStation Plus logo and branding

Sony has promised that its PlayStation Plus Premium Classics will be available in their NTSC versions for PAL customers, although we don't know when

PlayStation Plus Game Catalog Deluxe Games May 2022 cover

The initial list of PlayStation Plus Game Catalog games, Game Trials, and more have been revealed for Asia, hinting at what we could see in the U.S.

Sony PlayStation Roe v. Wade Insomniac cover

PlayStation console creator Sony has reportedly banned its subsidiaries from making public statements about the ongoing Roe v. Wade debate.

Some of the PlayStation Plus Premium game list announced by Sony in banner form

PlayStation Plus Classic games trophy support has been announced along with the initial PlayStation Plus Premium game list, as well as PS Plus Extra

The PlayStation logo against a backdrop of the three PS1 classics leaked via the PSN backend

The first three PlayStation Plus Classics have leaked through the PSN backend, and you're getting three iconic titles from the PS1 era first.

The PS Plus logo, denoting the PlayStation Plus May 2022 leak

The PlayStation Plus May 2022 lineup has leaked, with a major sporting franchise making its debut on the service next month.

PlayStation Plus Revamp Launch Date cover

The PlayStation Plus revamp launch date is coming soon for the Americas, Asia, and Europe -- and Japan isn't the first to get the new version of PS

PlayStation Retail Jobs Cut March 2022 cover

Sony has cut 90 retail-focused jobs at PlayStation, signaling a possible shift from retail sales to directly marketing to consumers.

The PlayStation Plus logo

Sony has revealed that PlayStation Spartacus will take the form of a new three-tier PlayStation Plus model, with PS Now merging with the third tier.

PlayStation Plus Spartacus Game Pass Competitor Report March 2022 cover

The long-rumored PlayStation Plus competitor for Xbox Game Pass -- codenamed "Spartacus" -- is reportedly debuting as early as next week.

Haven Studios PlayStation Studios Jade Raymond cover

Jade Raymond's new indie game developer Haven Studios is officially joining Sony's PlayStation Studios, adding AAA talent to its growing pool of

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Review Header

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End came out last year and was basically praised as the best Naughty Dog's signature series has e


After an opening that showed a small band preforming some great music, Sony started their conference with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.


While Nathan Drake's story might be at an end, for now, the adventures in the Uncharted universe continue as we follow Chloe Frazer through her new


Step back into the world of Uncharted one more time with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, a stand-alone expansion focusing on Chloe and Nadine.


Over the weekend, Sony's PlayStation Experience was filled to the brim with announcements of completely n