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If you're looking to survive Ska Studios' latest grim adventure, our Salt and Sacrifice Starter Guide is here to help you get started.

Salt and Sacrifice

The Salt and Sacrifice price has gone up significantly in some countries, with Brazil seeing nearly a 3x price increase over its original price due

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Looking for the latest info about Salt and Sacrifice? TechRaptor has all the latest news and articles about this game by Ska Studios.

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Our guide will help you make a better choices when it comes to Salt and Sacrifice character creation.

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Developer Ska Studios has announced that the upcoming Salt and Sacrifice PC release will be an Epic Games Store exclusive.

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Salt and Sanctuary was a pretty good Metroidvania, all things considered. Will follow-up Salt and Sacrifice live up to its legend? Find out in our

Salt and Sanctuary

2D hack-and-slash platformer Salt and Sanctuary is coming to Nintendo Switch on August 2nd.

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You might nod off while playing Salt, and I mean that in a good way. The game is pleasant, scenic, and relaxing.


I've been reviewing Salt and Sanctuary for the Playstation Vita for a while.


Few games wear their inspirations quite so openly as Salt and Sanctuary, Ska Studios punishing 2D action RPG which proclaims proudly that it is a

Salt and Sanctuary

A 2D take on the Souls game, Salt and Sanctuary features an open map to explore and various enemies to fight.