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Developer's Other Ocean Emeryville remake of the 1998 classic MediEvil initial Short-Lived Demo was received with mixed impressions. The first demo

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As 2019 wraps up, MediEvil is enjoying new attention. Like other ‘90s PlayStation game franchises, it’s had a remake of the first game in the series

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The classic from 1998 is back in a shiny new set of armor! In MediEvil you are Sir Daniel Fortesque. Slain unceremoneously (by an arrow to the eye no

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The MediEvil demo was reportedly leaked on the Japanese PlayStation store. This hotly-anticipated remake of a popular PlayStation game was announced

medievil remake

As reported on Monday, Sony's State of Play is happening right now, and one of the games it showcased was MediEvil, a remake of the original 1998

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It's the spookiest day in Spooktober, and Sony saw fit to announce a rather appropriate remake on this most frightening of days: a remake of the