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Book of Travels developer Might and Delight has had to lay off a large proportion of its staff after the game's launch underperformed.

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Book of Travels' and Palia's existences are emblematic of the shift in scope that gaming has taken towards relaxing simulators devoid of much

Book of Travels


Book of Travels might not have a firm objective for players, but this lack of direction creates a memorable multiplayer experience.

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The Book of Travels release date has been locked in for October 2021 for this "TMORPG," giving MMORPG fans something to look forward to next month.

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Many people find playing MMORPGs cathartic and as an escape from the troubles of the real world.


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Developer Might and Delight describes Book of Travels as a TMORPG, meaning it's a tiny multiplayer online roleplaying game, because the world

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Stockholm-based developer Might and Delight has announced a new MMORPG project. The game is called Book of Travels and it's based on player-to-player