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Sapiens is an ambitious indie life simulator set on a massive scale, but is that large scale enough to carry it to prominence?

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Sapiens Farming Guide - cover


Our Sapiens Farming Guide will tell you how to unlock Farming, how Farming works, and the best Crops to grow to keep your Tribe well fed!

Sapiens Building Guide - cover


Our Sapiens Building guide will tell you how to unlock Building, how Building works, and what you should use Buildings for.

Sapiens Roles Guide - cover


Our Sapiens Roles Guide will tell you what all of the Roles in the game do and which Roles you should assign to the Sapiens in your Tribe.

Sapiens Investigation and Breakthrough Guide - cover


This Sapiens Investigation and Breakthrough Guide will tell you what you need to Investigate in order to unlock new Roles!

Sapiens Crafting Guide - cover


This Sapiens Crafting Guide will tell you how Crafting works, what it takes to Craft each item, and how to unlock more Crafting recipes!

Sapiens Guides - Guide Hub - cover


Sapiens is a game about turning a tribe of wandering nomads into a successful village. Our Sapiens Guides will help you get started with your grand