Iceberg Interactive

Iceberg Interactive

The key art for Star Dynasties

Star Dynasties marries the family politics of Game of Thrones with the space empire management of Stellaris. Your task is to create, manage, and build a family dynasty. Around you is a procedurally-

The key art for Transient

Transient is a first-person 3D adventure that blends a cyberpunk aesthetic with Lovecraftian horror games. You play Randolph Carter, a hacker-for-hire from a group called ODIN. Carter lives in Domed

The logo for Pax Nova

In Pax Nova, it's your job to take humanity beyond the furthest stars and to establish a new home for the species. Humanity has failed thanks to war, pollution, and general Earth ruination, and it's

The key art for Still There

Still There is a psychological adventure game developed by the folks who worked on multiplayer FPS Blockstorm. You play as Karl, a bored spaceman living out day after repetitive day on the Bento

Railroad Corporation key art

Railroad Corporation gives you the chance to start your very own 19th-century train company. You'll build and expand your empire across North America, fighting off rival companies and establishing

Logo for Circle Empires Rivals

Fight your opponents within interconnected circles in order to defeat them and steal their loot! Circle Empires Rivals is the sequel to the highly successful Circle Empires, containing more of what

The Sojourn Header

A first-person puzzle game all about swapping between light and shadow worlds to change your perspective.