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Aang and Zuko in SMITE

Nickelodeon has teamed up with mythological action MOBA SMITE to introduce some of the characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender and its sequel, The

Epic Games Store 2-Factor Authentication cover

Epic Games Store 2-Factor Authentication is now required to claim free games. What's more, Hi-Rez Studios' SMITE is finally making its way to this

smite enemy overhaul

Online competitive games have a fine line to walk between staying fresh and staying balanced - something that many of them have troubles with. In


Mythology themed MOBA SMITE has a new dungeon RPG recently revealed by Hi-Rez Studios. The new adventure is called The Trials of King Hercules and is

SMITE Bob Ross Bundle

Hi-Rez Studios's free-to-play MOBA SMITE has announced a Bob Ross Bundle for the game featuring three items thematically related to the afro-clad


SMITE is Hi-Rez's third person MOBA. The game features gods of many ancient civilizations fighting each other for supremacy.


In Maya mythology, Camazotz is the bat god of night, sacrifice, and death. He is also one of the reasons behind how vampires are depicted modern

SMITE Erlang Shen

Erlang Shen: The Illustrious Sage joins the SMITE roster in patch 3.12. Erlang Shen is a Chinese warrior with an interesting move set that

Fafnir SMITE

It's the Norse pantheon's turn to have a new god added to their roster in SMITE's latest patch. Fanir, Lord of Glittering Gold, joins the

SMITE 20 million

Hi-Rez has reason to celebrate today, as SMITE, their third-person action MOBA, reached the 20 million players mark. Since its release in March 2014


A new fighter enters the battlefield of the gods in the latest SMITE update. After Amaterasu and Raijin, it's time for the Japanese pantheon to

SMITE 2nd anniversary

SMITE has been released for the first time on PC the 22th March of 2014. This means that next week marks the second anniversary since the start of

Skadi_Default_Card SMITE 2

Latest SMITE patch just arrived to PC and it's a juicy one. After kickstarting the new Japanese pantheon with the release of Raijin and Amaterasu, it


SMITE, the battleground of the gods, it's about to land for the second time on the console market with their PS4 version. The third person, action

SMITE Raijin

Patch 3.3 "Victory Lap" brought to SMITE a lot of needed balances and, of course, the usual load of skins and other additions. The latest update to

SMITE arrives on PS4

MOBAs are historically PC-centric game genre. It's mainly because of the perspective most of them are played. It's hard to play an isometric game


It's been a few weeks since SMITE season 3 started and, after a couple of fixes here and there, the dust is starting to settle down with the players


Season 3 of SMITE started only few days ago, but Hi-Rez is already shaking the things a bit. With patch 3.1, a lot of new stuff have been introduced

SMITE Amaterasu

SMITE's Season 3 started the 2nd of February and it promises to be pretty interesting. Season 3 started with the release of the 3.1 patch that

SMITE Amaterasu

The day has finally come for SMITE to introduce a new pantheon in the game. As you will surely know by now, the Shinto pantheon will take its place 

Smite World Championship

Smite World Championship will have its opening day the 7th of January 2016. The tournament will take place in Atlanta and many parallel events will


An old Christmas song says "'Tis the season to be Jolly". If you're a SMITE player, that's gonna be all more true this week. SMITE's 7 days of

Clash Header

A new game mode for SMITE, named "Clash", has been announced by Hi-Rez and it will be playable for a limited time on the Public Test Servers. The new

SMITE The Reaping Part Two header

Those of you that fight in the battlefield of the gods, probably managed to reap (hehe) the benefits of last week's SMITE halloween event, titled The