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Travis Touchdown battling enemies in No More Heroes 3


We now have a No More Heroes 3 PC and console release date. Travis Touchdown's fourth adventure (yes, really) comes to new platforms in October.

No More Heroes 3 Release Date PC and Consoles cover


The No More Heroes 3 release date window has been revealed for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, finally ending the days of Nintendo Switch exclusivity.

No More Heroes 3 Key Art

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Travis Touchdown returns for one more action-packed, blood-soaked romp in No More Heroes 3. 

No More Heroes 3


No More Heroes 3 looks like it might be the last game for Travis Touchdown and the series, but there is still an outside chance of continuation

The game's title in red text on a black background


After over a decade of waiting, No More Heroes 3 finally arrives, chaotic energy and all. Our review of this garden of madness is here.

no more heroes iii e3 2019


Travis Touchdown is back, and he's got more fight in him then ever. At their E3 2019 Nintendo Direct, developer Grasshopper Manufacture officially

Travis Touchdown Hero Art


Suda 51 expressed interest in returning to the No More Heroes franchise during an interview with Edge Magazine.