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Rune 2 update gore cover


The newest Rune 2 update has arrived to build on last week's Lazarus Update and it's got some pretty fun changes.

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Developer and publisher Ragnarok Game have big plans for their action role-playing title, Rune 2, this spring.

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No reviewer should approach a game with preconceptions.

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Rune II is an action RPG set in Norse mythology.

Rune 2 lawsuit dragonfire


Rune 2 has had a bit of trouble lately.

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RUNE II is a brand-new game from Human Head Studios where you and your fellow Vikings try to fight against the evil forces of Loki in intense action

Rune II Announced As An Epic Games Store Exclusive


Rune was a classic action-adventure hack-and-slash developed by Human Head Studios and released in 2000.