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Stray is a third-person indie adventure title where players play as a stray cat that's trying to get home to its family. In order to do so, the cat must solve an ancient mystery to escape a long-

Twelve Minutes Key Art

From indie developer Luis Antonio and publisher Annapurna Interactive comes Twelve Minutes, a psychological, interactive thriller inspired by classic Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick films. Twelve

The Pathless Key Art

The Pathless is a brand new, open world adventure game from developers Giant Squid, the creators of ABZU.  Become the Hunter, a master archer, who travels to a mystical island to dispel a curse of

I Am Dead Key Art

I Am Dead is a charming puzzle adventure game from the creators of Hohokum and Wilmot’s Warehouse about exploring the afterlife. Play as Morris Lupton, a recently-deceased museum curator of the

The Artful Escape

Play as Francis Vendetti, a teenage guitar prodigy, who is thrusted into a psychedelic journey to discover who he is in The Artful Escape, a Rock Opera inspired platformer.  Francis must battle with

The title of the game on a black background with the main characters below

If Found… is an interactive visual novel from Dreamfeel about searching for connection. Achill Island, December 31st, 1993. In the crumbling ruin of an old mansion, a young Irish woman called Kasio

Kentucky Route Zero gamepage featured image

You ever feel lost, yet know exactly where you're going? Ever follow a trusted road, yet oblivious to its end? Sometimes the conclusion we seek is not ours to grasp, but for others to reach for us. 


Sayonara Wild Hearts is so much more than it seems at the surface level. It’s the perfect blend of music, light narrative, incredible visuals, fun and evolving gameplay, all wrapped up in the perfect

Last Stop game page featured image

Last Stop pits you in the shoes of three separate characters, each of which localized in London and undergoing a different story touched by supernatural oddities. John find himself body swapped with