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The Resident Evil 4 Demo is 2spooky4me | Podcast 76

Published: March 13, 2023 7:05 AM /



This week Stretch manages to successfully edit out Scrappy and chat about the latest news with Otton and Rut. We discuss the impressive sales and user numbers from the Epic Game Store and their public launch of self-publishing on the platform. Square Enix has once again made the news on their promises of implementing the blockchain in their future titles... Listen on Anchor or watch us below!

Otton regales us of his first experience hopping into the world of Fortnite, how incredible overbearing it is, and how he won his first chicken dinner. (Does anyone know if your first game is still with bots? Asking for a friend). Rut tries out Deceive Inc a team game of stealth and sabotage, and Stretch talks about how bad he is at horror games like the Resident Evil 4: Chainsaw Demo.

  • Intro – 00:00:00
  • Epic Game Store – 00:02:55
  • Gaming platforms as Social Media – 00:14:30
  • Square Enix still wants the Blockchain – 00:21:15
  • When is walking better than fast travel in games? - 00:34:29
  • Otton earns his Victory Royale in Fortnite! - 00:38:11
  • Rut explains Deceive Inc – 00:45:55



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