TechRaptor Podcast Counter Strike 2 Smoke Grenade

The New Smoke Grenades in Counter-Strike 2 Are Wild | Podcast 78

Published: March 27, 2023 7:05 AM /



The ongoing saga of Microsoft purchasing Activision continues this week as the UK CMA changes it’s thoughts on the merger and how Call of Duty getting Shredder is likely indicative of the future. Counter-Strike 2 is getting a surprise sequel that shows off some very impressive use of smoke physics. The podcast crew also rolls our eyes at the gameplay and closed beta reveal of Crash Team Rumble. Scrappy was able to go to A New World: Intimate Music from Final Fantasy in Seattle. There he saw cosplayers, listened to emotional music from across Final Fantasy’s history, and watched the conductor play a slide whistle to the Chocobo Theme. Otton returned to give us an update on his time with Tactical Roguelike The Last Spell. Listen on Anchor or watch us below!