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Super Dino Hunter To The Green

To The Green is our weekly look at one game on Steam Greenlight trying to get onto Steam. With To The Green, we hope to highlight one worthy game each week that is attempting to get greenlit and let you decide if it is something you’d be interested in trying out.

We swear the existence of raptors did not cause us to look at this game
We swear the existence of raptors did not cause us to look at this game

This week we go back to the land of dinosaurs with Super Dino Hunter. Super Dino Hunter is a 2d platformer/beat’em up game where you play the role of a hunter who has two main goals: to save his village chef from a deadly disease and to get enough meat for your town to live.

Take off across an island to explore – five zones make up the overland map, each with up to 15 levels to explore. Each region features unique art, themes, and music specifically designed for that region. Like many platformers, each level has secrets in it – though in this game many times they are only possible to enter by figuring what items or magic can open the path. The regions feature a healthy variety with Jungle, Desert, Factory, Volcano, and Snow being among them… though one must wonder what the climate must have been like back them to have such an ecologically diverse island!

Beyond your search for a cure though, the search for meat will keep you going. One has to keep the village fed and impress the ladies with your skill as a hunter after all. In most levels and zones, you need to collect a certain amount of meat to be able to unlock the next ones – ensuring that you’ve gathered enough to feed those poor people hiding from the dinosaurs that you fight. Meat has other uses though – it also keeps track of your score and most importantly acts as a currency to trade for items and abilities. While there’s no need to catch it all, going for the lowest amount may lead to missed opportunities.

Items in the game are one of the major parts and there appears to be a healthy variety of fun weapons and items that you can unlock to use throughout. Each level allows you to select up to 3 weapons and items to put in your loadout for that level. Weapons begin at the basic unarmed skills which have base punches and flying kicks to prove your prowess and training but soon enough it is likely you will need some weapons. Their site shows a handful of weapons like Rocks, Slings, Spears, and Bows but promises a multitude of others that you can find.

Dino Inventory

Items are even more diverse, though here there seems to be more of the tongue in cheek humor of the game showing. While only a handful are presented, there are things like Dino Bites (healing), Quiver (more arrows), Skateboards (Moving faster), Flippers, Snorkels (underwater levels), Parachute Pants (When you need to use your pants to parachute…), and EZ-Bronze which bronzes you to look like a karate master so you fight like one! Items combine with weapons and magic to let you change up how and what you are doing in any level.

With magic you are able to load up to 4 spells in a level to cast. The magic stuff adds some more unique abilities to your pool and things that you can do to customize how you play over all. There are more documented spells at this point but they range from simple stuff like Haste (move faster), to Fireballs (For attack and melting), to summoning your own Triceratops to fight with you.

The game combines this all into a fast paced, fun package that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Super Dino Hunter is a game that moves with a brisk pace, with plenty of content to explore and re-explore while having a ton of fun doing outrageously fun things like pole vaulting pits, or skateboarding away from a bloody T-REX!


Super Dino Hunter is currently in development by Bryce S. Palenscar and Chris Peterson for PC, and more information can be found on its website, as well as on Greenlight where you can vote for it. They have said there will be a demo in the next few months to try out. Below is a Trailer here, which is 100% complete in engine game play:

Disclosure: The Developer got in contact with me to discuss this game which after looking over I decided to do.

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