This Week In Wargaming – December 20th, 2017

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Hello, TechRaptor readers! Here’s what you may have missed in the world of tabletop wargaming over the last week.

First up is an announcement from Corvus Belli unveiling an entirely new faction, the Non-Aligned Armies. Consisting entirely of the various mercenary units currently available in the game, the new faction is entirely tournament legal and has several new troop profiles available as well. The Brawlers are a completely new unit profile now available, and the venerable Druze Shock Teams received an update to better fit their new home in both the Non-Aligned faction and the Druze Bayram sectorial. The new faction and sectorial list are currently available on the Infinity Army list builder site.

The company has also announced the next release wave for Infinity set to hit store shelves in January. A new Die Morlock Gruppe box for the Nomads, is on the list, as well as the ALEPH Thorakitai, a new 3rd Highlander Grey with HMG, and Charontids for the Combined Army. This release wave also has a trio of repacks as well. The PanOceania Croc Men, Warcor with Stun Pistol, and Tohaa Igao will be available as well.

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Image courtesy of Corvus Belli

This week’s Games Workshop releases are rather light, most likely due to the upcoming holiday season. A series of Easy to Build miniatures are currently available for pre-order. The Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought and Aggressors are up, as well as the Death Guard Blight-hauler, Tainted Cohort, and Lord Felthius. The Easy to Build models contain much fewer pieces that are generally push-fit, requiring little to no plastic glue, and are aimed at younger players as a lower barrier to entry into the game. These miniatures are currently up for pre-order and will hit store shelves on December 23rd as a last-minute gift or stocking stuffer.

Greebo Games has released their 2017 holiday model, the limited edition Reindeer Rider. Cast in metal, the studio is only producing 2,000 miniatures with only 50 available for pre-order. The Reindeer Rider is currently listed at 29.99€ EUR with an expected shipping date in January of 2018. While this won’t work as a Christmas gift or decoration this year due to shipping times, it would be a great gift or decoration for next Christmas.

greebo games reindeer rider
Image courtesy of Greebo Games

And finally, French boutique model studio Raging Heroes is continuing along with their Lust Elves model wave this week with the release of Slithiss, Excurciatrix Mistress in both sci-fi and fantasy versions. The company also has several new unit bundles available for most of the TGG2 armies as well. Several bundles are also available in limited quantities due to the addition of larger models like Ascended Sister Erzebel and Mahleezariah, Lust Elves Matriarch. These bundles won’t be available until later next year, so if you missed out on these during the Kickstarter, the best time to act is now.

As a quick note, this will be the last This Week In Wargaming for the year due to the upcoming holidays. I’ll be back in action early in January, so keep your eyes open and your dice handy. Until then, happy holidays!

What news snippets caught your attention? What are you saving your pennies for? Any games you’d like to see more coverage of? Let us know in the comments below!

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