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Hello, TechRaptor readers! Here’s what you may have missed in the world of tabletop wargaming over the last week.

Games Workshop has a busy pre-order schedule this week, with announcements for three of their games going live. First up is the release of House Van Saar for Necromunda: Underhive, a high-tech gang House outfitted with the best weaponry available. The House Van Saar release contains not only the miniatures themselves, but a set of custom Necromunda dice, tactics cards, and the Gang War III supplement covering the new House as well as new scenarios, rules, and campaign additions.

For Blood Bowl, we have the release of the Doom Lords Chaos Chosen team, as well as themed dice and the first issue of Spike! The Fantasy Football Journal. A 36-page magazine devoted to Blood Bowl, this issue contains additional background for the Chaos Chosen as well as rules for adding wizards to the game and plenty of entertaining tales from the world of Blood Bowl.

Rounding out this week’s Games Workshop releases are the Idoneth Deepkin heroes for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. The Isharann Soulrender, Isharann Soulscryer, and Isharann Tidecaster are currently up for pre-order along with a few bundles as well. The Namarti Corps is up for pre-order as well, containing an Isharann Soulrender, 20 Namarti Thralls, and 20 Namarti Reavers. All pre-orders have a street release date of May 5th.

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Not to be outdone, Corvus Belli also has a pair of important announcements for their games this week as well. For Infinity, we have the Treason narrative event which follows the JSA’s fight for independence from the Yu Jing StateEmpire while the Combined Army is mucking about as well. The narrative event contains five chapters (three mandatory, two optional) that will slowly lay out the story of the Japanese rebellion. A complete event .pdf is currently available from Corvus Belli’s website.

The next expansion for Aristeia! has also been announced. Smoke and Mirrors will add four new players to the game, along with new rules and effects focused primarily around buffing allies and debuffing opponents. Smoke and Mirrors will be released on June 29th with an MSRP of €29.99 EUR.

aristeia smoke and mirrors
Image courtesy of Corvus Belli

This month’s pre-orders for Wild West Exodus are now available for regular purchase. This wave contains the Red Oak Bank (which can also be built as a Town Hall) along with the Union Badlands base toppers. A quick and easy wave to gets your Wild West Exodus miniatures ready for the field, the resin base toppers fit perfectly inside the lip of the plinth bases ready for painting and final assembly. The Union Badlands base toppers come in small, medium, oval, and large sizes. The large base topper also includes several pieces of scatter terrain as well to help ensure your UR-35 Heavy Teslabots will be a bit more unique and identifiable on the tabletop.

Privateer Press has released a new form of casual play for Warmachine and Hordes named Caster Draft. In this format, players will bring a 50 point list without a warcaster or warlock. Instead, they’ll use the Caster Draft version that comes with 30 Warjack or Warcaster points. The Caster Draft card will then be customized by a card selection process with other tournament players to add spells and abilities, increase stats, and ensure their caster is completely unique. Complete details, as well as a link for event organizers to pick up Caster Draft decks, are currently available from the Privateer Press website.

And finally, Steamforged Games has released two bits of information regarding upcoming Minor Guilds for Guild Ball. The first is a look at Mataag from the Falconer’s Guild. He’s incredibly fast with a 6”/9” MOV, and a 2/8” KICK means he can definitely get the ball across the field (if not exactly at the goal post). He’s got a solid playbook with a good amount of momentous options but is a bit fragile with only 10 health. He also comes with some good beat-down options, with the combination of Hot Shot and Crucial Artery allowing Mataag to put the hurt on key opponents after using his high movement and Light Footed rule to dance across the pitch.

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The second blog post covers the Supreme Order of Solthecius, the Minor Guild allied with the Union. Coming in season 4 later this year, the Order will have several current players move over to the new Minor Guild. Veteran Fangtooth and Seasoned Spigot will be making the switch with the new season’s release, along with Grace Benediction, Harry the Hat, and Mist. These last four will have a special “dual Guild” option allowing them to join a Union team as well. Seasoned Brisket and Pride, however, will only be available for the Order team with Veteran Fangtooth and Seasoned Spigot.

What news snippets caught your attention? What are you saving your pennies for? Any games you’d like to see more coverage of? Let us know in the comments below!


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