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War Gaming is an all-in hobby and isn’t just about the gaming. There’s a whole background of tasks that need to be completed before you can actually physically start gaming. These tasks range from learning the rules, to putting your models together and creating your army list. After that, there’s logistics to think of in where you are going to play, you will need scenery, what will you play on, and how will you transport your miniatures? And then there’s making your miniatures look incredible by painting them. For many gamers, painting and modifying their miniatures are the most exciting part; some don’t even play but simply enjoy that side of the hobby. As part of our Start Collecting series for Infinity, Warhammer 40k and Warmachine/Hordes, we’re also going to look at some of the accessories, from paint and brushes to cases for transporting your models, to scenery and other items that will make your life easier.

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We recently looked at Feldherr’s Mini Plus carry-case, and we’ve been using it to transport miniatures and components for our skirmish games. Larger scale games, or times when you’re looking to play a couple of different systems, require a larger carry-case than the Mini Plus, so we got hold of the Feldherr Maxi case, along with a variety of foam inserts to check out.

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The material for the Maxi Case is the same great quality as the Mini Plus. The outside of the case is high quality, with the material feeling very robust and durable. The zips feel particularly sturdy. It’s not a hard case, it’s a sturdy fabric around the foam inserts so it won’t take a huge amount of dedicated blunt force damage, but it is extremely light and will protect against knocks and scrapes.


The Maxi case can fit 2 half trays or 1 full tray across the width of the case and as many on top as you can make with the depth.

feldherr maxi case 12
The Feldherr Maxi Case side by side with 5 half and 1 full tray.

Feldherr offers a huge variety of foam insert trays. These range from dedicated game foam trays which are designed for specific miniatures, and fixed sized cut-out foam trays, designed to be used with systems of different scales.


In the gallery below, you can see examples of a Warhammer Underworlds fixed miniature foam trays with the warband inside and a Blackstone Fortress expansion foam tray. These are incredible protection for those miniatures, along with having space for cards, dice, and components. These are dedicated protection for specific products. If you’re looking for a flexible foam tray, these probably aren’t for you. But if you play a specific faction, or are looking for a dedicated insert for a boxed product, then these are perfect.

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Feldherr offers a great range of fixed sized cut-outs for different scales of miniatures, in full and half trays. If you’re going to be mixing your systems a lot, then these are more likely a better fit for you.

We’ve started storing our miniatures in dedicated trays, all kept within a plastic box. This way, when we need to transport our miniatures, we just take the trays we need from the box and fit them either in the Mini Plus or Maxi case. This saves us having to pack and unpack our miniatures before and after gaming.

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5 different bags are available in this style.

  • Three different types of Mini (The Mini Minus, Mini, and Mini Plus), which hold roughly 1, 2 and 3 half trays.
  • The Medium, which can fit 2 half trays side by side or a full tray
  • The Maxi, shown here, which can hold 2 half trays side by side or a full tray and is deeper than the Medium
They also offer a range of backpacks, transporters and storage systems.

Every gamer's needs are unique and offering this variety, that all connect seamlessly throughout their products means that they can meet the needs of all gamers.


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The Maxi Bag holds a lot of miniatures. It can easily fit 4 dedicated half trays and a full-size tray on top. This means that you can take 4 warbands and their accessories, as well as all the Warhammer Underworlds components for those warbands, and a full-size tray on top fill with any extra miniatures you might need. If you choose to put 4 of the 28mm full-size trays that can carry 45 troops each, it can carry 180 infantry figures.

The pocket on the front of the Maxi is also wide and deep. Great for a Codex or playboards to be carried alongside your troops.

feldherr maxi case 2
The Feldherr Mini-Plus and Maxi cases side by side.

Different variations of cases along with half-size and full foam trays, as well as a huge collection of others case and tray options are available from the Feldherr store.

The Feldherr Maxi Case and foam trays used in this article were provided by Feldherr.

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