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Operation ColdFront is the latest two-player starter set for Infinity. It follows the same formula as Operation Red Veil, which we reviewed here as part of our Start Collecting series. If you're interested in the Infinity rules system itself, then check out our Operation Red Veil review. In this article we're going to focus on what the two forces that Operation ColdFront includes adds to Infinity. We're going to look at how the two forces operate straight out of the box, as well as how they can be expanded on if you wish to take the factions further. For this we've also brought back Andy 'Riker' Roo the UK's Number 1 ranked ITS player and who has helped us with his insight throughout the Start Collecting Infinity series.

What's in the box?

The Operation ColdFront box includes the following:
  • An Ariadna starter set of 7 miniatures (including an exclusive miniature) that we'll cover in detail below
  • An ALEPH starter set of 7 miniatures (including an exclusive miniature) that we'll cover in detail below
  • Dawn-O2 Aplekton Scenery Pack (including 10 scenery items and a gaming mat)
  • Cardboard templates
  • 6 faction themed D20 (3 for each)
  • Plus a full colour Operation ColdFront booklet that includes a beginners step-by-step on-boarding rules process themed around the miniatures in the set, as well as background information and narrative around the two forces and the Infinity setting
infinity operation coldfront 2
The gaming mat and some of the scenery included in the Infinity Operation ColdFront boxed set.

Operation ColdFront Ariadna Forces

The Ariadna forces included in the Operation Coldfront starter pack are:
  • 3 Line Kazaks
  • 1 Tankhunter
  • 1 Veteran Kazak
  • 1 Ariadna Scout
  • 1 Armata-2 Proyekt "Ratnik"
infinity operation coldfront 8
The Ariadna Operation ColdFront list. Open this list in Army Builder.

Ariadna's forces were separated from the rest of the Human Sphere and as a result, their technology didn't evolve as well as the rest of the forces in Infinity. Ariadna are a low tech, relatively high model count army with access to a great amount of camouflage tokens. The list out of the Operation ColdFront box includes two units with camouflage that can be used to gain advantage over your opponent in the Scout and the Tankhunter units, alongside some very hard hitting miniatures with the Ratnik and the Veteran Kazak. We asked Andy 'Riker' Roo for his thoughts on the Ariadna Operation ColdFront units.

Andy 'Riker' Roo: The long awaited Tartary Army Korps has been a desperate want for a lot of Infinity players for as long as I have been playing, and the new units certainly did not disappoint. Giving Ariadna a new sectorial to replace the recently departed MRRF, the Russian arm of Ariadna represent the very toughest of their troops!

Line Kazak

The backbone of the force, the line infantry are set apart by having PH11 (Physique), which is great for that last resort dodge, or should things get up close and personal in close combat. They also have a great range of weapon options, including an AP HMG, and a dirt cheap specialist option (the Forward Observer) rocking in at 10 points!

Veteran Kazak

Arguably the best profile in the box, these guys are absolute beasts! With more special skills than you could shake a T2 stick at and a range of weapon options covering pretty much every need, they are rightly field on the battlefield. The combination of Mimetism, NWI (No Wound Incapacitation) and Shock Immunity, along with ARM4 means they will be able to shrug off most hits.


Camouflage, a decent BS (Ballistic Skill) combined with a big gun, what more could you want really? These TAG killers are right to be feared and have caused me no end of grief during games. The new addition is that they also have a Chain of Command option, giving Ariadna the choice to play with an aggressive Lt. The AP Rifle option also comes with D-Charges and an Adhesive launcher, making it a versatile skirmishing unit, instead of it’s usual ARO role.


My favourite mini in the box , it’s just got so much character, despite being in a considerably reserved pose. The profile is also astoundingly good; being a camo/infiltrator means they’ll be starting up the field, and in prime place for that FO profile to do an objective or two. The Marksmanship L1 skill means that all of their BS attacks benefit from Shock, making their Ojotink AP + Shock, or allowing them to lay down a small template which instantly kills 1W targets by way of their Boarding Shotgun! A very flexible unit, which I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of in the months to come.


So much to say about this new monster! A high BS, good choice of weapons, and 2 wounds (effectively) with Dogged means that this is going to be one tough ARO piece to shift. Alternatively, you can use it really aggressively to run up the board and get work done using the Heavy Shotgun - like the Boarding Shotgun, but bigger and more badass! The really sweet skill here, is Minesweeper, which we’ve only really seen on Baggage REMs until now. With it, it means you have something that can move forward, laying down fire/shrugging off hits as it goes, which can turn those enemy mines/AI beacons/perimeter weapons against their owners as it goes. This gives the Ratnik some odd board control utility, in addition to it’s firepower!

Also, the model is awesome!

Operation ColdFront ALEPH Forces

  • 3 Dakini Tacbots
  • 1 Shukra Consultant
  • 1 Yadu Trooper
  • 1 Deva Functionary
  • 1 Nagas
infinity operation coldfront 10
The Aleph Operation ColdFront list. Open this list in Army Builder.

ALEPH is the AI  that controls the data network of the Human Sphere as has developed it's own defence force to protect itself and its interests. Aleph are an elite force of cybernetic soldiers and operators, with access to great weapons and equipment, but at a cost that usually leaves them outnumbered. We again asked Andy 'Riker' Roo for his input on the ALEPH forces in the Operation ColdFront box.

Andy 'Riker' Roo: The new models bode well for ALEPH players, both new and existing, as it’s setting us up for a new sectorial - the Operational Sub-Section. This will be based around the artificial constructs made by ALEPH, as opposed to the ancient heroes we see in the Steel Phalanx sectorial.


Nothing new here, aside from a great new sculpt. I’m loving the feel of the new models, and having had a chance to build them, I’m happy to say they’re a big step up from the previous versions.

They make for some cheap, yet reliable, line infantry, with a fast Move and able to benefit from Assisted Fire, and being shock immune (due to having structure) they will stick around a bit longer, in time for your Sophotect to get them up and functional again.


These guys have some excellent options, and all come in at a perfectly reasonable price cost. ARM2 and NWI makes them reasonably survivable, but with BS12 and limited weapon options they’re not the best. With a high WIP (Willpower), using them as a utility piece is a much stronger move, either grabbing buttons or buffing remotes, or moving them to the midfield and doing a sensor sweep (which can’t fail). They also have Lieutenant options on the sensor profile, which gives you an extra order to spend on sweeping those camo tokens.


One of 2 brand new units in the box, and these guys are awesome! They only have one option, but it’s really well priced for what it brings you. Chain of Command is a welcome addition to Aleph (the Myrmidon Officer has it, but that’s all they really have) as it allows you to take an aggressive Lt, and not be too scared of using it. The combination of a Biometric Visor L2 and a Boarding Shotgun (along with WIP 14) make the great at protecting you against Impersonators, and due to having the new skill Counter Intelligence, they also minimise the impact that the use of Command Tokens can have on you at the beginning of the game.


A high BS, good ARM, NWI and Veteran L1 make the Vadu an excellent strike piece. Whilst only armed with short range weapons, the versatility of the MULTI rifle means that you can engage most targets. Having both E/Marats and Dropbears means that you can force some pretty nasty ARO choices on your opponent. The Yadu is another great choice of Lieutenant, in my opinion, as you can utilise the extra order to get up there and wreak havok.


A great new unit model for a profile which I hadn’t actually considered before. Often overlooked for it’s minelaying/specialist counterpart, having a camo sniper able to deploy anywhere on the board is very useful, especially when it comes with NWI! This will make an excellent ARO piece.


Building up the Operation ColdFront forces

[gallery columns="4" size="large" ids="251956,251957,251958,251959"]

Corvus Belli made several suggestions for taking the forces in Operation ColdFront further in a recent Blog Post, these options can be seen in the gallery above. We do recommend building lists for the mission you are playing, and more details can be found on that in our Beginners Guide Infinity Interviews.

We did ask Andy 'Riker' Roo for his recommendations on taking the two forces further though.

Andy 'Riker' Roo: The Advance Pack is a good choice (first picture on the left above), along with the upcoming Beyond Coldfront when that releases.

For ALEPH outside of that, Garuda tacbots (awesome AD remotes), Post Humans (super versatile with lots of option) or Sophotect (Dr and Eng are always useful).

For Ariadna, either Spetznaz, they're AMAZING. High BS, great skills, and fantastic weapon choice. Streloks, who have a lot of midfield threat and control utility, with the promise of new options to come later this year! Or Dog-Warriors, super fast, durable and scary, so can get up the board quickly and cause issues, whilst the rest of your force gets set up.

TechRaptor: Thank you for all your input again Andy, we look forward to hearing from your again next time.


What do you think about the Infinity Operation ColdFront boxed set? Are you a veteran or new player of either ALEPH or Ariadna? What do you think of the new units? What would you add to them to build up the lists? Let us know in the comments below.


This copy of Operation ColdFront was provided by Corvus Belli.



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