Screenshot Survey: Wrestling With Skulls

Published: May 3, 2015 3:41 PM /



Welcome back to the Screenshot Survey, a regular feature where I round up several of the best tweets of any given #screenshotsaturday. Come here to get a preview of the next breakout Steam titles and hidden Greenlight gems, as well as glimpses of graphics that will most likely change several times before getting to your computer screen. Let's begin!

First off today is Doko Roko, a roguelite with a very distinct style. The game's combat revolve around giant swords and the explosions that occur when they hit their target. It's a unique way to think about combat in roguelikes, and I'm all for getting giant swords out of JRPGs and into action games. All of this gameplay sits on top of crisp pixel art that is a joy to take in. Doko Roko seems to only have a few months under its belt, but it's certainly one to look out for in future Screenshot Surveys.

From a game that is just starting development to a game that never moved past the pitching stage. The boys at Halfbot shared their pitch work from a WWE beat 'em up that was never meant to be. The character designs for each of the wrestlers is great, and its an ascetic that has transferred over to their new project Bullet Age. I do hope that WWE reconsiders this type of game in the future, as it would surely play better than the bug riddled simulators they've been putting out for years.

Next, a neon-addled take on Asteroids. N.E.O. has music and sound effects reminiscent of beloved arcade classics and several new spins on the classic dual stick shooter formula. Giant skulls as bosses are also always a welcome edition. The game has just recently been put up on Greenlight along with a trailer, so go ahead and listen to the nostalgia for yourself.

Here we have the next project from the creator of Obludia, called JetSetKnight. Whereas previous projects used drawings to create cartoonish characters, here we have NES inspired visuals that more match the style of game. The play style seems to have the same arena based combat to it, which was fun and challenging in his previous work. I'm digging the look of the main character as well, hope he doesn't end up being sent to the trenches.

Finally, here is some animation from an unnamed platformer. It continues this week Screenshot Survey theme of floating skulls as bosses, although in a more hand drawn style that this developer is well versed at. I love the haphazard font on the dialogue and how the game looks polished and thrown together at the same time. Completed works by Sink are available on an official website, and I'll be digging in when I get a spare moment.

What notable games have you seen brief glimpses of? Will any skull enemy ever overtake the Lost Soul from DOOM 2 in our hearts? Answer these questions and more in the comments below!


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