Screenshot Survey: Virtual Vermilion

Published: May 31, 2015 2:43 PM /


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The time is right for another Screenshot Survey. The video game landscape has gone quiet in preparation for what looks to be a large E3, but for indie developers there is no time better than the present to keep working on their projects. Some might get shown on the grandest stage in all of video games, but others are lucky to get booth space at PAX. Which is why taking a look once a week to see what is progressing is so valuable. Let's begin.

Cavern Kings is a 2D action roguelike that went into Steam Early Access last November. It's a more cartoonish Risk of Rain, with over the top weapons and plenty of effects going off on the screen at any one time. This flamethrower might be a new weapon for the game, but it's tame compared to the TNT launchers and giant buzzsaw crossbows already available. The key to my heart is unlocked with insane guns, so I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one as it progresses towards a full release.

Tick Tock Isle is a point and click game brought to us by Squiddershins, which is a fun studio name to say. Anyway, the protagonist is named Strike, and he's described as a graduate with a horological studies degree. I know several people in college who were going for that, at least based on the amount of H.P. Lovecraft they were reading. The art style brings me back to classic adventures while also taking advantage of modern technology in the background. It's a neat trick, and we'll only have to wait a few months to see the full game's potential unfold.

Speaking of detailed backgrounds, take a look at all the layers we have here in PONCHO. The game stars a robot named Poncho. He wears a poncho, and has many other robotic companions. Everything about the style of this game is engrossing to look at, and that's just from single screenshots. One can only imagine what it looks like in motion. Or more likely, they could Google it. But why waste the suspense? After getting through Kickstarter and Greenlight, PONCHO is coming out in a few short weeks, so I wont have to wait too long anyway.

From the highly detailed to the more hand drawn style, this is Kerfuffle. Currently in development with a playable demo on GameJolt, Kerfuffle is another contender in the race to release an indie Smash Bros. Unlike some others though, this game seems to be going all in on original characters and a gorgeous pixel style. I'm also a huge fan of those character portraits; they really bring out a lot of character that would be lost otherwise.

Finally, here is Strawberry Cubes, a game in 2015 with something resembling Virtual Boy graphics. The game reminds me a bit of Devolver's upcoming Downwell at PAX East. Considering how little impact the Virtual Boy had on the market, it's near to see developers give the harsh red and white style a try, just to see if there is anything of value there. It's certainly one of the joys of doing the Screenshot Survey, seeing what crazy games are coming before anyone else, and then sharing them with all of you.

Any indie games that you have your eye on? Are you that one fan of Nester's Funky Bowling who has been waiting for the Virtual Boy comeback? Do you notice how long it has been since I've mentioned spiders? Answer these questions or don't below, and I'll see you for the next Screenshot Survey.

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