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Happy Memorial Day, and welcome to this holiday edition of the Screenshot Survey. I initially wasn't going to do an article this week due to the holiday and some lower traffic than normal on my Twitter feed, but then I stumbled across, a site that will make my job insanely easier in the weeks to come and hopefully bring attention to some of the best indie projects currently in development. So thanks a lot to the folks running that website, and let's begin!

Subaeria, a game that I played way back at PAX East, has hit Steam Greenlight. It's a top down puzzle game where you have to navigate around lasers and get keys while avoiding obstacles that reminded me of pinball bumpers. It's a fun game with great graphics that deserves more eyes on it, so go ahead and take a look, read my PAX impressions, and perhaps give it a vote.

It has been decades since video games made the jump from pixels to polygons, and some genres have fared better than others in the transition. Beat 'em Ups have had a tough time translating its success in this new era, especially once arcades became home to moving cabinets and that one Terminator Salvation machine that everyone bought.

In any case, some developers are still trying to reignite that spark with games like Raging Justice. It's a great name and a great graphical style that reminds players that these games used to be visual showcases with detailed and colorful characters. I mean, they already have a fat guy; they're well on their way. Raging Justice is coming to Xbox One and Steam via Greenlight soon.

In the interest of full disclosure, I gave a few dollars to STRAFE on Kickstarter. Once you see this game in action, you'll know why. STRAFE harkens back to the godfathers of FPS, all with a powerful single name. DOOM. Quake. Blood. Unreal. This is when gameplay was king, and STRAFE at least looks the part. If Minecraft has done anything good, it's shown consumers that bleeding edge 2015 graphics aren't the only thing, and hopefully that leads to more games like STRAFE with 1996 graphics.

Now for something completely different. Spooky Pooky is a 2D platformer that is more Commander Keen than DOOM. I picked this one because the pixels look really sharp. It reminds me of some sort of Captain N situation, where a kid wakes up and then gets sucked into Super Metroid. The name of the game is just icing on the cake, especially when combined with the name of the protagonist, which is Horatio Bones. Wonderful.

Finally, IndieCade provides us a look at Lusfoder, which is apparently a side scrolling shooter where you ride in a flying saucer in Space Egypt fighting off men on flying camels. Also, one of the Pyramids of Giza is a giant spaceship. So that's pretty great. The game was recently shown at a show in Moscow, and each level is said to have a different theme. Can't wait to see what the the Lithuanian developers come up with.

What would your idea be for a new one word FPS title? Do people still know what Captain N is? Answer these questions (or don't) below and come back in six days (hopefully) for another Screenshot Survey!

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