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Drive to Hell Screenshot

Every Saturday, game developers from around the world take a break from coding and testing to post tweets featuring screenshots of whatever they happen to be working on at the time. The current media landscape has been a boon to anyone interested in how exactly games are made, with some newer titles being completely documented from the first line of code to the final product sitting on a digital storefront. This means that every week, stories are already being forged about the next great indie hits and hidden gems. Here are just a few of those tales.

Pidroh is currently working on a Steam conversion for Daily Espada, a boss rush style action game with a unique aesthetic derived from Brazilian mythology. Considering what the new releases page on Steam looks like every day, it's heartening to see new bells and whistles being added after a successful Greenlight campaign. Those intrigued can seek out the original version, which is still on sale over at Desura.

This is a picture from a cyberspace shooter that wouldn't be notable if not for its creator. Sean has been prolific in game jams for the past few years, and also created Hashtag Dungeon, a unique spin on Zelda-style dungeons that turns Twitter data into procedurally generated levels. This new game, dubbed Wiki War on Sean's homepage, looks to do something similar in its own genre using wiki data, and it's certainly one to look out for. Scanning the included QR Code will take you to a slick little site with some lore for the project and an application that will bestow unknown rewards to anyone willing to part with their e-mail address.

Drive to Hell is a unique little shoot 'em up inspired by movies you might have caught at a drive-in if you are of a certain age. It also feature various different strands of cacodemons from Doom, which is really lacking as an enemy type in most games. This screenshot in particular shows the type of chaos you could expect from later levels in the game; the boss fights are grueling affairs that you'll be happy to be zooming past. Bundle Stars is running a great arcade themed bundle including Ride to Hell for the next 9 days if muscle cars equipped with chain guns is your kind of ride.

The guys over at Mountain Sheep posted a screenshot of Hardland, their open world RPG currently available in Early Access. The game has procedurally generated environments like the one shown in the shot, but that hasn't stopped the developers from developing striking character models that sets it apart from its pixel and Minecraft inspired brethren. The game is still very much unfinished, but updates have been fast and frequent and the user reception is positive so far over on Steam.

Finally we have this shot from Mobot Studios, the creators of Paper Monsters, with a colorful look at one of their upcoming titles for Wii U. One only has to look at the screenshot to bring back fond childhood memories of placing pegs into a Lite-Brite and pretending you were going to create something as impressive as in the advertisements. The Wii U eShop has been a excellent place to look for off-the-wall projects to pop up, and this game looks to be no exception. As an aside, more games should have sentient french fry men included in them.

Anything featured in this week's Screenshot Survey pop out at you? Did you see something on Twitter that wasn't included here? Are you also in favor of sentient french fry men? Be sure to hit up the comments in order to answer these and other questions!

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