Playing Roles

Playing Roles

knights of the old republic star wars box art banner

Star Wars has always been a marquee property in media. The popularity of the movies to the widespread love for the formerly-extended universe has not waned for over forty years. Like any multi-media

To The Moon No Combat

  Last year, a YouTuber named Kyle Hinckley finished a playthrough of the RPG Fallout 4 on Survival Mode (before it was revamped to be harder) without killing a single character. This entire

WOW Level 100 Power Gaming

With Dark Souls III out now, we have seen a major influx of folks taking up the challenge and fighting their way through hordes of enemies in a dying world. The Souls games have become renowned in

Dark Souls Player Agency

How important is player agency in a RPG? For a lot of people, this seems like one of those no-brainer answers, decreeing “very important” to the rafters. Like everything, however, the amount of

Gauntlet Advertisement Arcade

From your bird’s-eye view, you see it: a sea of ghosts and grunts, all full health, blocking your path to the exit. The rest of the party is behind you, ready to strike at a moment’s notice. The

Heroes of Might and Magic Playing Roles Header

In the wake of discussing tactical role-playing games, I would be remiss if we didn’t mention one more cousin to the genre: the Heroes of Might and Magic series. A spin-off to the popular dungeon

Playing Roles Fire Emblem Tactical RPGS

Some genres of role-playing games tend to be very self-explanatory in what we call them. In the West, we are used to seeing Action-RPGs and Dungeon Crawls mingle with real-time role-playing games or

Abstract vs Concrete Design Philosophy

One of the strangest parts of tabletop culture is the preference to game design, the mechanics that more or less make up the bulk of the game experience. For role-playing games, this has become a

Borderlands Characters

In October of 2009, Gearbox Software released the game Borderlands, after years in development. A surprise success, Borderlands has gone on to spawn two sequels, a Telltale Games Adventure series and

Final Fantasy Title Screen NES

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the North American release of Final Fantasy. Arguably the most important role-playing game ever made, Final Fantasy as a franchise has spawned fourteen main games

Mass Effect CYOA Playing Roles

Note: The following editorial contains spoilers. You have been warned. "Choices." "Consequences." "Engaging decisions." These are the short and catchy buzzwords of a fast-growing gaming medium