Nick’s Untitled Weekly Wrap Up 8/14/16

August 14, 2016 11:00 AM

By: Nick Maillet


This week we all learned a great lesson on why you shouldn't preorder games unless it's a Madden title. In this week's wrap up I'm going to ignore the elephant in the room and focus on the good things, such as Pokemon GO's never-ending reign of terror and the end of a beloved media empire. I'm also going to deviate from the path a little bit and talk about the two biggest events happening in videogames/nerd culture. Now without further interruption, here's your weekly wrap up. 




Protip: Play this in another tab while reading. 

The Headlines That Make Us Think

Police Helicopter isn’t Having Any Of Your Pokemon GO Shit

Ill be the first to admit. I'm pretty jealous this driver only got away with a mere warning.  In LA I would have been pulled out of the car and beaten half to death before getting handed a $150 ticket.  Some people just have all the luck in the world. 


Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 9.52.52 PM

Alberta teen shoots sword-wielding ATV driver after dog fight

I get that this isn't about videogames or tech, ok?  But read that headline slowly and visualize everything happening all at once ... maybe on top of a bipedal nuclear capable mech or in a desert hell scape?  Yeah, you just read the most videogame like crime headline ever.  




Gawker Media Round Up

It's always sad seeing someone try too hard to be funny. This week, media giant Gawker Media decided to call it quits in the most professional way possible.  That's right, with the most self aware hack job comedy writing outside of a bible man parody, Gawker launched a website event known as "Senior Week."  In concept this is actually a great idea, and I'm the first person to support someone going out with a bang. Unfortunately. for that you need writers with a sense of humor. In honor of "Senior Week" I've modified the headlines to help these top tier jokes stick. 

I hate men and here's a phone, an essay.

The Best Article Kotaku Has Ever Published

Pokemon GO is still cool right?



I wish you all the best of luck in future endeavors. Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 10.18.05 PM


This entire week was going pretty slow up until Hello Games launched their highly anticipated follow up to Joe Danger Touch, No Man's Sky. As you might know, it's been smooth sailing for the guy with the beard and that other guy with the beard. I've picked out a few highlights that really round up the general tone from consumers about the game's launch week, courtesy of our new favorite AAA indie title.

Players Unable to See Each Other In No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky limited edition cases have stickers obscuring original PEGI rating and online play



Don't Compare Species On Earth With Aliens In 'No Man's Sky'

Let's hope the game gets better with time. 

 Indie Nightmares

Juggalos Against Humanity

I'll never forget meeting Violent J when I was a little boy on an audition for a music video. Great guy. 
What's not great is their website.  Click the link and be prepared to experience the Internet of 1999! 
Juggalos Against Humanity is still in early access and currently in the pre-alpha user generated content phase of development. "We want this game to reflect the wacky sense of humor that we all share as Juggalos while at the same time being engaging, fun, and challenging." Cant wait to see it featured at Gen Con 2017.

If that doesn't sell you on the game, then you might be interested in donating money to these losers instead.  
Gencon 2017

Internet Killed The Video Star

Rocco discusses hype in video games and how that can ruin our favorite hobby.  After current events in gaming its worth a listen.

Something We Can All Agree On

Final Thoughts

If you're like me, you're trying your hardest to enjoy No Mans Sky while shitposting about it on the Internet.  Before you go downvote/retweet/call someone out on the game they like, remember this: art is subjective. If it doesn't speak to you, thats ok because its not for you.

 Until next week.  Keep it real.  <3


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