Nintendo Switch Basic Screen

It has long been said that being an educated consumer goes hand in hand with financial well being; unfortunately for Nintendo, it appears as though their upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch, has a

Scandalous Bowser and Peach Picture

KekRaptor has obtained exclusive information from a former director of intelligence of Rose Town relating to the 57th reign of Princess Toadstool, aka Princess Peach. Before we begin, however, I have


Fans of Electronic Arts Battlefield 1 were outraged to find the game unplayable over Christmas, at least in the way they are accustomed to. In a stunning move, DICE locked out players from entering

KekRaptor Overwatch Ruined Christmas

It's Christmas Day, and I sincerely hope that you all are enjoying time with your friends and family. I wish that I could, but something has happened in the gaming world that is so disturbing, so 

overwatch reflection

Prior to Overwath's release, you may have heard of a certain incident whereby a very concerned parent was rather upset about the game's de-facto mascot and one of her poses. As luck would have it,

Kekraptor Meme Economy Imgur

Image hosting site Imgur has recently undergone an immense shake up in its meme economy due to the changing of its upvote and favorite icon colors, according to experts who are well-informed on the


In the original Mass Effect trilogy, you had the chance to take on the role of Commander Shepard, the legendary Spectre who (depending on your playthrough) united the galaxy against an armada of

Ubisoft's latest hipster simulator, Watch Dogs 2, has recently landed in some controversy after it was discovered that one of the female NPC models in the game featured some rather explicit body


With the release of Overwatch's latest character, Sombra, on the game's Public Test Realm, many are wondering how to use her unique hacking abilities to carry their team to victory. On paper, Sombra