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When GTA V was announced for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, it drew no small amount of derision. This should come as no small surprise for pretty much anyone. After all, the main reason why

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Minecraft Dungeons is, by most accounts, a surprising yet fairly enjoyable new direction for the Minecraft franchise. It's not quite as deep as traditional dungeon crawlers or RPGs, but the basics of

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In the world of advertising, no attention is usually considered worse than bad attention, but sometimes things get a little out of hand. According to the National Museum of Viking Raiding in

Sony PlayStation 5 CES 2020

Early last week, GameSpot reported that Sony has still not decided on a price point for the PlayStation 5, which is due for release later this year. This statement caused somewhat of a stir within

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The Witcher, the show on Netflix that is based on a book based on an underrated indie game inspired by ancient Polish history, is officially doing far better than expected. While initial critic

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The first time I killed a man, it was in Blood Gulch. The red team was moving in quickly, and our flag was vulnerable. I picked up my trusty rifle from the roof of our bunker, and domed the driver

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A certain political issue involving Hong Kong and the Chinese government has been acting like a black hole recently, dragging everyone into it regardless of how hard they try to run away. Activision

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In the latest news from the Jim Davis estate, Garfield has teamed up with beloved edgy 90s icon Bubsy in Dear Jon. Featuring a midnight release on October 13, the game features puzzle-solving

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As a lover of colorful hero shooters, I'm naturally a huge Overwatch fan. And as a 8 year old child trapped in the body of an adult man, I am of course also a fan of sugar-enhanced corn products