To The Green

To The Green

Horror games are a genre always aching for innovation—you need to find new ways to terrify your audience or else the scares might grow stale. And sound is one of the most important aspects of horror

atomic butcher ttg

I don't really understand what people mean when they say they are tired of retro 2D pixel art in their games. That statement covers such a wide swath of eras and platforms to draw inspiration from.

the wild eight

Survival games are nothing new to Steam, Greenlight in particular. However, there is something definitely compelling about The Wild Eight. It's an isometric co-op survival game with a procedurally-

cure game greenlight

I'm going to start off saying that I have no idea of CURE will be a fun game to play, but it is crazy interesting, unique, and creative. RTS games and attempts to make them are in a definite lull in

Mike and Milkbox TTG

Platformers are due for a resurgence. It's been years since games like Vexx and Blinx: the Time Sweeper dotted the landscape and oversaturated the market. Nowadays, gamers who don't own Nintendo

linelight 1

There is a definite beauty and appreciation in simplicity. Simplicity in this case is in the form of understanding, not that the tasks ahead in a game like Linelight may be easy to complete or figure

Brutal TTG

ASCII dungeon crawlers are a strange pocket of gaming, even for those of us who live and breathe the hobby. Pure expressions of gameplay with graphics that serve only to enhance the mind's eye. Of

human fall flat

Those of you that ironically, or unironically, enjoy Goat Simulator will probably get a kick out of Human: Fall Flat. It looks almost like a mix of Goat Simulator and Octodad. All I have to say is

a place for the unwilling 2

Adventure games seem to be hitting hitting a stride lately, and the particularly interesting ones seem to be coming from fairly unknown indie dev teams. A Place for the Unwilling seems to fall

urban pirate ttg

Do you think you could survive in the big city without a reliable source of outcome? Could you blend into a society that seems more robotic and unwelcoming by the day? Would you survive when forced

electromaze defense

Yep, a Tower Defense game. I can see some of you hurriedly clicking the back button even as I type this. No matter, there are plenty of us (dozens maybe) who enjoy a good TD, particularly one that

Double Death TTG

I think it goes without saying that zombies are a bit played out in 2016. We've seen fast zombies, slow zombies, Nazi zombies, shamblers, boomers, and all manner of undead nightmares. Despite this,

arena 3d

This is not the type of game I enjoy really. I don't play arcade shooters, not really into the type of music on display, nor do I really care that much about getting a high score in something.

Temporal Temple TTG

Skeletons are bad guys. We know this because they are the reanimated dead, and they generally hang out with necromancers who have evil intentions. Skeletons also come in many shapes and sizes, from

asteroid fight

This week was actually a pretty good one for Greenlight, to the point that I actually had some difficulty deciding on which game I'd like to feature here. Usually it's almost a struggle to find even

neon drive ttg

Even when I was a young child, I knew that I loved the 1980s. At the time, I was convinced that this affection came from games, since The Eighties gave birth to the gaming culture that drove my

kim to the green

Few games will likely ever find a better source material to base itself on than with Kim. The game is based on a novel of the same name written by Rudyard Kipling, which is widely considered to be

that dam level ttg

When younger gamers return to the NES games their older siblings or parents grew up with, they undoubtedly feel as if they are out of their element. It was the Wild West in those days, without well

grimsfield greenlight

Grimsfield is animator Adam Wells' first attempt at making a game, and as will be discussed below, it definitely seems to have a good amount of potential attached to it. Many of you will immediately

Nova Nukers TTG

Arena shooters have been slowly clawing their way back into the spotlight for most of 2015. Unreal Tournament is slowly but surely developing into a slick modern version of its classic self, and new


A point and click adventure game ... are you excited yet? I can hear the extra exhalation, but Poltergus seems like something that could be really fun due to its interesting premise. Poltergus

dirty rascals to the green

Tower defense may be a crowded genre these days, but there is something immensely satisfying about the unique blend of complex RTS and arcade action that keeps players coming back. In combing this

lobo with shotguns

Everybody needs some pulpy, grindhouse goodness every now and then, and Lobo with Shotguns seems to be providing just that. A classic arcadey side scrolling beat 'em up, Lobo with Shotguns is aiming

blockpocalypse to the green

Local multiplayer games are a dime a dozen these days, so much so that they've started to form their own sub genres. You have the head to head competitive games such as Nidhogg and Lethal League. You


Looking for a game this week was actually quite difficult, particularly since I came to the realization that we're now experiencing somewhat of a golden age of art design in games. Finding something

doko roko to the green

Final Fantasy VII is remembered for many things. Emotional character moments and turn based combat aside, one of its defining features is ridiculously sized weaponry. Cloud's buster sword is an

party saboteurs

Party Saboteurs, developed by The Glitch Factory, is not something that would usually even catch my attention in any fashion, but the simple, easy to explain, and interesting concept behind the game

legacy of the elder star green

By pure chance, I have been playing a lot of shoot 'em up type games recently. From the combat sections of Undertale to the rockin' skies of to the complex simplicity of Vortex Attack, I've been

pamela to the green

If you browse through Steam Greenlight, you know it is full of uninteresting and poorly executed looking games that feature some sort of horror or survival element. Most have poor textures or use

megamagic to the green

I was born in October of 1989. It was the tail end of a decade of excess, filled with the type of blind celebration not seen since The Jazz Age. Before grunge took a sledgehammer to the neon lights