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Companies like Game Freak are often widely known for their single greatest achievement. After all, players often associate a successful game franchise to a singular developer; Elder Scrolls by


Goosebumps was an incredible thing for ‘90s kids. Now, 25 years later, the children’s horror anthology is still growing. While the original series ended in 1997, the Goosebumps franchise has expanded

jp trespasser cover

The Jurassic Park franchise has a love/hate relationship with its video game tie-ins. From fantastic park builders and arcade shooters to the lesser known barcode collector and DVD board game,

koala lumpur journey to the edge header

It’s 1998. My uncle has just handed me a wrapped package roughly the size of an encyclopedia. Beneath the shiny red paper is a cardboard box depicting a roadkill koala. Inside the box is Koala Lumpur


In 1997, the movie Titanic was a cultural phenomenon, raking in massive box office numbers, record breaking award nominations, and shedding light on one of the more tragic moments in world history,


A real-time strategy game is usually a genre that thrived only on the PC. Console versions of RTS titles, from Command and Conquer to Halo Wars always struggled to maintain an audience. The PC showed

Binary Domain Boxart 1920 x 1080

When it comes to obscure games, it is rare to discuss a title that is a recent hidden gem. In the past we have discussed some recent titles, such as Stranglehold and Deadly Creatures, but today's


Mr. Gimmick is a game as impressive as it is rare. It was only released in Japan and Scandinavia for some reason, in very limited quantities. There was originally a U.S. release planned but it never


What game comes to mind when you hear "things go from bad to worse when you hear the sound of a siren"? If you said Siren, then congratulations! You cheated and looked at the title of this article!


When a video game takes us to an imaginative world, it is often a selling point of the experience. Countless games do this with epic space battles, spell-slinging wizards dueling, and powerful


Alternative history is often a fun way to create a new world with little effort, proposing a butterfly effect to historical events that in turn provide a new perspective of our world view as well.


The movie Alien is a major touchstone in popular cultureùa landmark horror movie with a sci-fi aesthetic. It brought to us the horrors of space in a way never shown before, the claustrophobia, the

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In case you couldn't tell, a good chunk of us at TechRaptor is rather ecstatic for Koei Tecmo's upcoming Berserk Musou, a hack and slash in the vein of Dynasty Warriors set in the grimdark fantasy

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The 90s and hyperviolent media go together like peanutbutter and jelly. From Frank Miller’s absurdly bloody comic books to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s continued box office domination, everywhere you’d

Ninja Baseball Bat Man Cabinet

Just imagine, if you will, that you are a baseball bat wielding Ninja fighting hordes of living baseballs, catcher's mitts, mafia dogs, and playing cards across the United States to collect golden

MorphX Cover Art

You ever wonder why some games become obscure? Maybe we can blame lack of promotion or visibility at times, or simply not having iconic characters to help in sales or publicity. Of course, it’s

Monster mmorpg

With the announcement of Pokémon Sun and Moon, I figure we should treat ourselves to a game that similar in style and presentation, albeit tangentially for this article. Over the years there have

John Woo Stranglehold

  Those who are fans of Hong Kong action cinema likely know director John Woo. Famous for his “gun-ballet” movies filled with tons of action, Mexican standoffs, and slow motion cinematography, many

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Frank Castle has not had an easy life. He fought in 'Nam, and his reward upon returning home was the death of his wife and children at the hands of the mob. On that fateful day in Central Park, Frank

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Man, cancer sucks lately. The recent deaths of many beloved celebrities and rock musicians has been devastating for fans all over the world. Last month, we mourned the loss of Lemmy with the

Motörhead Game Cover Expand

For those who may not know, the front man for the Heavy Metal band Motörhead, Lemmy Kilmister, passed away on December 28th after being stricken with cancer. Lemmy, for all intents and purposes, is

Sweet Home Boxart

Any discussion about survival horror as a genre of course pays homage to some of the first horror games ever made. Titles such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and the granddaddy of them all, Alone in

Eternal Darkness

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem is a psychological horror game that messes with you on a whole different level. This game was developed by Silicon Knights, a game dev studio founded in 1992 that 

Nosferatu Boxart Japan

When it comes to stereotypical horror icons, vampires seem to be a major staple. From movies to television, we see vampires portrayed as tragic, devilish, childish or even sparkly, depending on the

Harvester Cover

Harvester is a game that boldly claims itself to be "The most violent adventure game of all time," which is displayed proudly on the cover. I'm sure many other games have claimed this; it seems like

The Dark Eye Boxart

When it comes to the masters of Horror in literature, there is perhaps no name that stands out better than Edgar Allen Poe. The quintessential choice for early gothic horror and the father of the

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One of the sad truths about video games is that it is hard for some games to just simply be noticed. A lot of factors play into this, from their date of release, the genre they are categorized into,

Space Station Silicon Valley Cover Games You Never Heard Of

Every console generation tends to have a ton of must buy games that define what that console is about. The Playstation had Final Fantasy, the Xbox had Halo, and Nintendo often relies on their large

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With football season almost upon us, now is the time a large population of gamers decide to come out of their caves to plop $60.00 down for the latest version of Madden. The ever popular sports sim

Teleroboxer Games You Never Heard Of

When a game is released on a failed console system, it is destined to become obscure no matter what you do. As we saw with Doshin the Giant, there is a chance that a game can break through to a wider