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Let me get this out of the way. I love RoboCop. The original movie is one of my favorite action flicks of all time, and I was very excited to play RoboCop for the Xbox, despite its infamously low review scores. However, I soon was met with the harsh reality that Robocop is a terribly mediocre FPS that's barely even worth a rent.

First off, the basic gameplay. True to the movie, RoboCop moves at the speed of a tank, slowly stamping around the streets of Detroit. Not only does he move like a tank, he can take damage like one too, with every shot fired at you being basically meaningless until you're later into RoboCop, where every enemy will leech your health like nobody's business. Thankfully, ammo for the Auto-9 is abundant.

The gunplay is arguably one of RoboCop's only redeeming qualities, working decent enough. You point at enemies with one of your few weapons and fire, and it's only a matter of hits before an enemy goes down. Said enemies are dumb as rocks and will do nothing but stand in place and let RoboCop gun them down with ease with a myriad of different weapons including the Auto-9, a machine gun arm, and a grenade launcher.


On the other hand, levels are awful. Objectives aren't clear, areas suffer from being too big with no real direction, and enemies constantly respawn. Enemies normally are just shoot to kill, but you can make them surrender, ala Dredd vs Death if you shoot them enough in the leg or arm.

Like Star Wars: Dark Forces, RoboCop has a healthy amount of fanservice, but at the same time it's littered with awful lines from RoboCop sure to piss off any fan. On one hand, the sound effects when RoboCop walks are perfect and the HUD looks nearly identical to that in the films. But have you ever really wanted to hear a bad impression of Peter Weller say "Bullseye!"? I thought not. Aside from the fanservice, the graphics are absolutely boring, sans some of the hilarious models for enemies.

So would I reccomend RoboCop? Not necessarily for anyone but diehard RoboCop fans. If you genuinely enjoyed the third movie, you'll probably find some enjoyment in RoboCop, but for everyone else, RoboCop for the Xbox is a boring, repetitive FPS that can only be recommended to superfans of the action series. For everyone else, this game is worth a skip.

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