First Person Saturday - Dino D-Day

Published: January 17, 2015 10:00 AM /


Dino D-Day

Multiplayer shooters are a dime a dozen these days, so it's rare for me to see one while browsing Steam that catches my eye instantly. Dino D-Day was one of these games: a class-based shooter focused on, you guessed it, dinosaurs fighting alongside humans in World War II. With a concept that awesome, and such a low price on the Steam sale, I had to be crazy not to pick it up. However, is it any good? It's decent enough... With a catch. This source mod shooter has you pick either Axis or Allies and then from multiple classes. The Axis have more dinosaurs, while the Allies have more humans. Honestly, the game may as well be dinosaurs vs humans, as most of the Axis humans are reskins of allied classes. Every human comes with two weapons, a deployable, and a melee, all of which have their own uses. Sniper rifles are good for long range, sub machine guns work at mid range, and the trench gun can absolutely tear enemies up at a close range. My personal favorite was the flamethrower, which can easily kill almost any opponent in just a quick burst. Each character has their own unique backstory, and the story is further told in between loading screens via newspapers. The story is more interesting and investing than any game about dinosaurs in World War II has a right to be, giving each class a unique backstory. From the vengeful sniper Ilona Vike to the American dino Trigger, each character has enough detail to them to make them stick with you, even after the game ends.

 DIno Dday

Playing as dinosaurs is very different from humans as most of them are melee focused. I got a kick out of the Dilophosaurus, which could pick up and toss goats and dead allies as projectiles. Nothing was quite as satisfying in the game (Nor as hilarious) as tossing a goat into someone's face, instantly killing them. Some dinosaurs, such as the allied Trigger of the Axis Desmatosuchus are mounted with machine guns and can be controlled in 3rd person. The game has very predictable multiplayer objectives such as deathmatch and control point. Certain maps can unlock certain special units for the Axis, such as a T-Rex or a Stracosaurus. They can drastically change the battlefield but its a shame that they're so rare to see. If the game was more focused on them, perhaps it could have a more original kick. However the game's biggest flaw is easily its main selling point, multiplayer. Do NOT attempt to play this game with bots, as it's one of the saddest experiences you can get in a game.They're completely pathetic, letting even the easiest player steamroll them. This would be okay if servers weren't completely dead, invalidating any possible things the game has going for it. What good is a campaignless shooter if nobody is playing it? On the rare chance you do find a populated server, the game's enjoyable enough to warrant the price tag, but make sure to have your friends tag along. Note: I did not play the Last Stand DLC, so I cannot give an opinion on it.

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