Dark Narrative

Dark Narrative

Lord Bafford and his bodyguard

In Thief, every room could tell a story, and as a thief in the shadows, you enjoy the experience of learning those stories from various objects and characters in the environment. Some of the most

dark narrative - humorous guards of the thief world (featured image)

Thief’s City is not a world of good guys and bad guys. It’s hard to know who is right, if anyone at all. But there are relatable, common people: the guards. Players dodge, outwit, or perhaps even

dark narrative- alien among monsters - featured image

At its heart my Dark Narrative series is a celebration of Thief’s uniqueness. I write with the conviction that this game series, especially the Looking Glass originals, are matchless. This is

the korrigans - pineapple guard (featured image)

Within Thief, you are part of an ongoing world. The world does not stop for you—each level isn’t set up for you. You are a piece of it moving about life that keeps happening. In this way, virtual

scarlet cascabel - burrick story, featured image

So many given scenes in the City tell a story. You can be crouched in a street corner looking towards a shop stand or lurking in the dark corners of a cozy study room and see an arrangement of

dark narrative, thieves' guild entry - featured image

Any given game beloved by its fanbase is likely to have an unpopular, love-it-or-vehemently-hate it mission, level, or section. You know, the Water Temples and Xens of the world. Those two levels

thief horror story - featured image b

Horror is an odd kind of entertainment as it takes us away to a place we do not want to be. The indulgence in these unusual experiences is especially popular this time of year. Video games allow for

Thief III - Seaside Manor screenshot

Lords, Sheriffs, and other household heads create the atmosphere of Thief’s manor missions. Bafford’s manor is dark and lavish; Ramirez’s is full of secret passages (and burricks). There is one

thief - opera house, performance hall, featured image

Buildings ooze feeling. As a young kid touring with my parents, I gazed in horror at the grand interiors and intricate pathways of Hearst Castle. This place was huge, cavernous, and chilling. I swear