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Tabula Games, an Italian-based tabletop designer, and publisher, has come back to Kickstarter with a brand new title. Volfyirion is a deck-building card game that has two players facing off in an attempt to destroy each other's cities first.

Volfyrion is a decently-paced title, typically taking 15-30 minutes to play through a session. I've played it a few times with my tabletop group and found it pretty enjoyable; check out our preview to read up on how the game plays out in the real world.

The short of it is this: players have to juggle the income of three kinds of points: command points, knowledge points, and battle points. Command points let you buy cards to fill out your deck from a common pool, battle points are mainly used for attacking enemy cities (or slaying the dragon), and knowledge points can be used to rotate cards out of the store or command the dragon to attack one of your opponent's cities. There are really only two paths to victory, but you have to pick one and (hopefully) create a deck that can win you the day before you're defeated.

Volfyirion is in the same world as Tabula Games' Mysthea, a much more complex tabletop game that was funded six times its campaign goal. As part of this campaign, players can potentially pick up a kickass dragon statue from that world that Tabula Games is building. It's entirely optional, though, and you can even just buy the dragon statue outright if you'd like to plonk it down on a shelf.

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These are the box contents of Volfyirion. It includes a rulebook, a wooden dragon token, 20 starting cards, 30 command cards, 6 city cards, 9 building cards, 13 troop cards, 15 wonder cards, and Volfyirion's Lair.

A simple game also (thankfully) has a simple Kickstarter campaign. You can do the usual "kick us a buck and get our thanks" pledge that many campaigns do.  A €9 "No Brainer" pledge will secure you a copy of the game and all unlocked stretch goals. €18 will get you the dragon miniature and nothing else. A limited number of early-bird pledges at the €22 level can get you the game, all of the stretch goals, and the mini. If you're late, that tier gets bumped up to €25. Finally, a retailer's bundle is available with 24 copies of the game for €199. Shipping costs are not included in these prices, so keep that in mind when making your pledge.

The stretch goals are currently locked at this point in time, but they're sure to pop up as the campaign progresses. As a neat bonus, the most active backers will be picked out by an algorithm once per week and have their faces added into the game as one of four soldier cards. (This, of course, includes the usual caveats that Tabula Games can refuse inappropriate pictures at their discretion.)

This will be Tabula Games' fourth Kickstarter. All three of their previous campaigns were successful and the most recent campaign is expected to be delivered in the next month or two. Running a new campaign while they are still manufacturing and shipping out their previous one may be concerning, but Tabula Games is a company that effectively produces their games solely through crowdfunding. The artists and designers would be sitting on their butts after their work was done otherwise.

If you're down for getting your hands on a pretty neat deckbuilding game, head on over to the Kickstarter campaign page for Volfyirion and consider pledging. You have just under 30 days to make up your mind. You can read more about the game, its rules, and the world's lore by checking out its official website.

What do you think of Volfyirion? Does it seem like the sort of game you'd like to add to your collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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