Crowdfunding Spotlight: Renegade

Published: July 31, 2017 9:00 AM /


Renegade Crowdfunding Spotlight

Renegade is a game by Victory Point Games for 1-4 players where you take on the role of one of the titular Renegades, hackers who are free from the control of the A.I. that controls the populace of Sapporo, Japan. You (and your team, if you have one) are out to do as much damage as possible to the network while surviving against the onslaught of defensive countermeasures. Victory Point Games has put together a crowdfunding campaign for the first print run of their latest game.

Setup for Renegade doesn't take very long. Everyone who is playing selects the character they would like to play and takes the associated deck. The game board's five pieces are assembled by all players present in a round robin fashion (following certain placement rules, mainly that the numbers must all face the same direction). The "Hack Shack" of Advanced cards is shuffled, an enemy SMC (Super-Massive Computer) is selected as your opponent, three random Countermeasure cards are drawn, and the board has enemy pieces placed on it according to the SMC card. The players will be working cooperatively against the hostile A.I. (and whatever tricks it may have up its sleeve).

Gameplay takes place over three rounds, each of which affords players three turns. You're out to complete a mission for a copper, silver, or gold countermeasure card. Success usually means something good, and failure usually means something bad. After three rounds of three turns each, you round up your score to see how well you did. Your score is dependent on a number of factors, including how many enemies are on the board and how many countermeasure cards you completed. Renegade isn't really a game that you win insomuch as it's a game that you try not to lose. This game can be played solo, and the rulebook cautions that adding more people onto your team will actually make the game more difficult (since the countermeasure cards scale).

The Pledge Tiers for the campaign are pretty straightforward. $39 gets you one copy of the game, $74 gets you two copies, and $105 gets you three copies. In addition, players will receive all unlocked Stretch Goals for the campaign. Retailers have the option to buy a 12-pack for $258 but they must provide proof of business authenticity.

Renegade Box Contents Graphic
This is roughly what you'll get in the Renegade box plus some additional goodies like a fifth Renegade and separate deck tuck boxes to keep all of the various cards organized.

All of the listed Stretch Goals for this campaign have been unlocked; as a result, players wil now have access to alternate Renegades, fragmented server tiles on the opposite side of the normal server map, a fifth Renegade character (with an associated deck and equipment), SMC cards upgraded to Tarot size, three Countermeasure scoring tokens, three Countermeasure difficulty dice, upgraded Server & Partition Dice, and custom-etched Infection dice. Moreover, all backers will get a set of 7 custom deck tuck boxes, exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign; these are for keeping the game's different types of cards neat and separate.

As for Shipping, a helpful table is placed near the bottom to help you get things figured out. A single copy of the game will cost $12 shipping in the U.S, $16 in Canada, $19 in the E.U. and U.K., $20 for Australia, and $28 to ship Renegade anywhere else in the world. Shipping will be charged after the campaign through a pledge manager, and Victory Point Games is absorbing $5 of the shipping cost for each pledge.

Victory Point Games is also continuing their crystal-clear refund policy as they have done with other crowdfunding campaigns. A 100% refund will be available for backers for up to 14 days after the campaign ends. After that, a 90% refund is available in the time period before production begins. (The remaining 10% is used to recoup processing costs.) After the game is off to production, you won't be able to get a refund any longer.

If Renegade sounds like the kind of tabletop game that you'd like to get your hands on, you can check out Victory Point Games' Kickstarter campaign for the game here. The project is already well-funded, so now it's just about people getting their hands on the earliest possible copy of the game (with all of the extra Kickstarter goodies). The campaign ends on Thursday, August 17m 2017, at 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

What do you think of Renegade? Does it seem like the kind of game you'd like to get your hands on? What do you think of the overall theme of the game? Let us know in the comments below!


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